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…still in the Bahamas!

Hello, Everyone!

After a wonderful afternoon of relaxing and getting caught up on emails and school work yesterday afternoon, we ventured out for the evening.  We had a wonderful time pretending to be tourists.  Stacie took us to a wonderful Bahamian restaurant called “The Poop Deck,” and as the name suggests, its specialty was seafood.  It was delicious.  We experienced Bahamian food:  conch salad, conch fritters, fried grouper/shrimp/conch, peas and rice, fried plantains, and for dessert guava duff.  YUMMY! After eating dinner at our harbor side table, we drove out to Paradise Island to walk through the famous Atlantis Hotel.  It was quite impressive.  We were able to experience “The Dig,” Atlantis’s huge aquarium exhibit.  Of course we also experienced all the other displays of opulence and human-defined exciting entertainment.  As we walked through the Casino and witnessed people “having a good time,” we could not help but contrast what we saw at this entertainment complex to what we have been seeing these past several days at the aids camp and in the neighborhoods around the ALC and elsewhere on the island.  These are 2 totally different worlds. It has been almost too much to process in our minds.

It is a good thing we liked the Bahamian food we ate last night because if we end up moving here and plan to stay within our food budget, we are going to have to start cooking and eating like Bahamians.  Trying to buy food shipped in from America in order to maintain an American diet is going to be way too expensive.  To give you an idea of food prices here:  1 gallon 1% milk- $5.79, half and half quart-$4.49, 5 oz bag of chips $3.59, 3lb bag of apples $6.99, bananas- $0.99/lb, gallon tub of vanilla ice cream $12.00…  Gas prices are about $5.70/gallon.  At least you do not have to drive all over the island trying to find the best price of gas; the gas is all the same.  The funny thing is, Wendy’s and the pizza place we ate at on Wednesday are very comparable to the same food in the states.  Apparently, the tourist type places (restaurants) do not have to pay duty on the food they ship in; therefore, their prices aren’t that high.  As for food chains, the Bahamians like their KFC’s, Domino’s and Wendy’s.  We have not seen McDonalds yet.  We have been told there are 3 of them on the island.

Today we went to the north side of the island to visit the Straw Market and other downtown shops and to swim in the ocean at one of the gorgeous white sand beaches.  This evening we went over to “The Castle” ministry to have dinner with Billy and Leah Slater and to learn about their ministry.

Tomorrow we will be attending one of the churches that we will be considering as a home church if we are to move here.  Other than taking Stacie Burtelson to the airport tomorrow afternoon, we are not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day.

We want to thank all of you who have read our blog and have been praying for us.  We need all the prayer we can get now and are encouraged by your support.  Email or send a reply response if you get a chance.  We would love to hear from you!

God bless you!

Tim, Mindy, Logan and Zachary


  1. Let us know if you’d like our perspective on living in Nassau – we had 10 wonderful years and have many friends – from every age group and every strata of life. Maybe we could arrange to meet some weekend – like Wausau’s missions/youth conference the last weekend in September.


  2. Andrew Seeley says:

    “Stacie took us to a wonderful Bahamian restaurant called “The Poop Deck,” and as the name suggests, its specialty was seafood.”

    No, the name suggests its specialty was something else.

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