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(Posted by Mindy)

Our flight from the Bahamas was unremarkable, and we made it into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport at about 11:20pm on Tuesday evening.  Tim’s dad was at the airport to pick us up.  God bless him for making the trip to the airport so late at night.

We left Tim’s parent’s house Wednesday morning and stopped at Logan’s orthodontist for an appointment before heading home to Westby.  We stopped in La Crosse to see Garrett for a few minutes and then arrived home around 3:30pm.

Thank you to Ruth Habel for covering for Tim the last couple of days in the kitchen at camp.  A group came in on Tuesday, and we have groups scheduled to be at camp now through the end of September.  Please pray for us as this is a very busy time at camp, and some times staffing is an issue.

Over the next several weeks, I will be posting a few pictures of our Bahamas trip every time I make a post.  In all honesty, we are missing the island and the new friends we made very much.

We still do not have information on our future plans.  We are praying and giving ourselves a little time to sink back in to our routine and allow God to reveal His plan to us.  We will say this, it won’t be long.  We have set a deadline for a decision, and it will be sooner rather than later.  So, stay tuned!

I must get this posted and get off for now.  I am needed in the kitchen at camp today.

Enjoy the pictures!

Getting ready to fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul

first experience with “wrong” side driving on “wrong” side of the road

Driving past the Adventure Learning Center from the airport en route to Adventure Learning Camp

Our first glimpse of Adventure Learning Camp

Our first night on the island- visit to South Beach (a mile from ALC)

Our first night on the island- visit to South Beach (about 1 mile from ALC)

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  1. Kendra says:

    Oh my friend…I won’t deny that I got goose bumps while reading all of your postings about your trip and your possible life-changing decision you have ahead of you. But, we both know that when God leads and we are obedient to follow, His will is made clear and HE is glorified–what a testimony you are to so many in going wherever (and whenever!) God calls you! I have been bathing your family in prayer as you seek “what’s next”…can’t wait to hear more ‘revelations’ as they are made known to you! Love you Seeley family!!! 🙂

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