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…link to ALC promotional video on youtube and pictures of day 5 of our trip!

(posted by Mindy)

Mark Wallace, executive director of Adventure Learning Center, sent me the link for the ALC’s promo video on youtube.  I have been wanting to direct all of you to the website to see this video, but there are some site difficulties, and the site has been down.  The link to the ALC promo video is:

This video explains a little about the Adventure Learning Center.  The Adventure Learning Camp (also briefly mentioned in the video) is about 500 feet from the Adventure Learning Center, and it is used to house foreign missionary teams that come to the Bahamas for mission trips.  (The board has other visions for the camp as well.)  The position we are working towards filling is director of the camp.

Enjoy the pictures from day 5 of our trip!

Adventure Learning Camp

Visiting the Straw Market


Nassau city street (in the touristy area)


A cruise ship coming in to port.


Downtown Nassau Starbucks! What else do you need? It was right next door to a Subway.


Now here is the tourist beach–like the ones you see on the post cards. It was gorgeous!


Having fun in the crystal clear, pool-like ocean water and on the white sand beaches


“The Castle”- the Slater’s home and ministry (hint: one of the many mission opportunities for groups that come to the Bahamas)


The Slater family- they minister to young people at “The Castle”; we had dinner with them that night (Leah is Peter Rau’s sister.  Peter is the out-going Living Waters Bible Camp office manager.  Small world!)


  1. Susan says:

    I can only imagine how much Starbucks is there!

  2. I’m so excited to see you moving forward in preparation for this ministry, Mindy. Lord’s blessings…we will be following you, and praying for you!

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