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…the past and coming week, grandpa update, blog changes!

(posted by Mindy)

Looking back and forward…

It is hard to believe another week has come and gone.  These Fridays seem to be coming quicker and quicker.  Fortunately this one brings a huge relief with it (for me anyway).  I finished my nursing research class yesterday.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Now I can start focusing on what really matters:  my boys’ education and our changing life.  Tim’s class will be completed sometime within the next couple of days.

Those of you who know me know how organized I can be and what a neat freak I am.  No one would dare accuse me of that now with the way my house is looking these days.  God must be working a miracle in me (seriously).  I am amazed that I am not anxious or feeling unsettled.  Normally I would not be able to rest with piles on my counters and tables, boxes and and bins cluttering the floors in every room, and unorganized piles of files and papers on my bedroom floor.  Thank you, Lord, for the grace to deal with messiness while I get things done a little at a time!

Our bedroom with boxes, bins, files and paper work to be sorted (not in the picture), and loose items waiting to be packed or discarded. (At least the bed is made)

The view that greets you as you enter the house (and this is after I did some straightening).

We are putting the finishing touches to a power point presentation we will be using to present our ministry to churches (and anyone who wishes to listen).  We will be sharing the presentation with our assembly at Grace Church this Sunday, the first opportunity of what we hope is many opportunities to present the ministry to others.  Our goal is not only to fund the work we will be doing but also let everyone know what the ALC is and how it can benefit American churches.

It is the middle of October already, and that means one month until Thanksgiving and two months until Christmas, but more importantly, that means it is less than a week until Tim and I fly back down to the Bahamas to meet with the ALC board for the board meeting.  We leave on Tuesday, October 16th from La Crosse and return to La Crosse on Tuesday, October 23rd. (Yes, we are looking forward to experiencing warm weather again.)


My grandpa is getting weaker and is having some incoherent days mixed with lucid days.  From what he is telling my parents, he is getting tired of the suffering and would like to see it end soon.  He is a believer and knows he will be in heaven when he dies.  I can totally understand his desire to be absent from the body and present with his Lord.  We will miss him, but I hate to hear of his suffering.  This may sound bad, but I would love to see him relieved of his suffering.

Blog Changes…

In the side bar to the right, you will notice a logo shaped like an “S”.  This logo is a link to our Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators donation page.  Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators is the organization that will be handling the financial details of our ministry so we can focus on what really matters, and that is ministry work.  They have been a huge blessing already!

In the upper right corner of our site (and in the side bar to the right), you will notice there is a tab labelled “Newsletter Sign-up and Contact Information.”  Clicking on this tab (or the link in the side bar) will take you to a form where you can enter your email and subscribe to receive our newsletters email.  As we move forward with our ministry transition, we are anticipating that we will be doing away with snail mail in the future.   We do plan on getting one more mass mailing out before Christmas this year.  With the mailing we will be sending our new prayer card and letting everyone know about the new format.  If you would like to receive our ministry newsletters (they will have information that we won’t post on our blog), please submit your email address to us.  We promise to keep your email private and not sell it to anyone.

I am sure we will be posting more next week as we travel to, through, and from the Bahamas.  That way we will be able to keep everyone updated with what is going on.  We might even share a few more pictures.  Until then, have a great weekend and God bless you all!

How you can pray for us:

  1. That God opens doors and opportunities to share our ministry with others
  2. Safety as we travel next week to the Bahamas to meet with the ALC board
  3. Mindy’s grandpa- pray that God gives him grace as he faces these last days of his life here on this earth
  4. Transition from LWBC to the work God has in store for us to do
  5. For Zachary and Logan next week as they remain home and work on school work and enjoy time with Grandma Seeley
  6. Garrett needs a job
  7. Wisdom and discernment for decisions that need to be made

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  1. What I really want to know is who is this person and what happened to Mindy! God bless and am praying for you!

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