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…departure day!

(posted by Mindy)

I know this is not Friday, but I said we probably would be keeping everyone up dated on our trip back to the Bahamas.  We leave today.  In anticipation of that, we thought we would share a few prayer requests that we have, so you know how to pray for us.  We are not nervous or anxious, only excited to see what God has in store for us this week.

Our flight leaves today at 345pm from La Crosse, WI.  We have a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis before heading to Atlanta for the night.  Our good friends, the Underwoods, will rescue us from the Atlanta airport tonight at 1050pm, and we will stay with them for the night.  They will take us back to the airport tomorrow afternoon to catch our flight to Nassau.  Please pray for safety in our travels and for everything to work out smoothly (as the Lord allows of course).

Logan and Garrett will be taking us to the airport today.  Some friends of ours will be staying here at the house tonight with Zachary and Logan.  Tim’s mom will be coming tomorrow evening to stay with them through the weekend.  Logan will go back to the Twin Cities with Grandma Seeley (he has an orthodontist appointment in the Cities on Monday), and Erv and Marion Jung will keep an eye on Zachary for us on Sunday-Tuesday next week.  Please pray for the boys as they are here at home and that they will make wise decisions.  They have soccer games, Logan will taking his PSAT test tomorrow morning, and Zachary has a lot of school work to get caught up on.  (This is my biggest concern with my leaving at this time, and my mother/homeschool teacher heart is a little anxious.)

Grandpa is being medicated with morphine to help with the labored breathing and is very groggy.  My mom said this morning that he remains week.  Please pray that he does not die this week, and if he does, please pray that we are able to make it back for the funeral.  We did buy the trip insurance for this purpose and will reroute our flight to Indianapolis if we have to.

Finally, could you please pray for us as we are at the ALC and “shopping” for household items/vehicle this week?  Please pray for wisdom and guidance with the board meeting and that we are wise and discerning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We will keep you posted throughout the week.  Until next time, have a great day!

Tim and Mindy


  1. Teri Hess says:

    Tim & Mindy,
    Thanks for the update. It is such exciting news! You are in our prayers.
    Much Love and Hugs,
    Clay and Teri & Family

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