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…made it to The Bahamas, grandpa update!

(posted by Mindy)

Logan, Garrett and Zachary- our send-off party at La Crosse airport!

Leaving Tuesday afternoon from La Crosse airport

It was a long two days of travelling, but praise the Lord we made it to The Bahamas safely yesterday at about 430pm. Even though Tuesday night’s 15 hour overnight layover in Atlanta meant we got to see our good friends Joe and Angela Underwood, we have decided that we don’t particularly like breaking the trip up in to two day.  It made it feel like a very long trip.  We will pray the next trip we make here is all in one day.  Please pray that God does something to make our trip back next Monday and Tuesday (we have a  12 hour overnight layover at New York’s LaGuardia airport on Monday night) either enjoyable or miraculously changed (to Atlanta perhaps) or cut down to a single day.  We do not know anyone in LaGuardia and will probably just be sleeping in the terminal while we wait for our 6am flight to Minneapolis on Tuesday morning.

Picture with Angela Underwood where we stayed on Tuesday night

Tim with the Underwood’s dog Mocha. Mocha is litter mate to our former dog Maddie. (This picture is for you, Andrew, Garret, Logan and Zachary!)

As we drove to the ALC from the airport, it seemed like we had never left.  We knew where everything was and could have probably found our way back here by ourselves.  It was fun being reunited with a few of the staff we had met in August when we were here.  We will get to see everyone else later this morning when we go over to the Centre for morning devotions.  We will find out more at that meeting what the Centre’s expectation of us for this trip.  Our goal is to get out and do some shopping this afternoon.

Our hearts are heavy and torn right now.  We got word from my mom today that Grandpa is starting to show signs of mottling in his extremities (shows poor oxygenation status), and he is not really waking up.  Part of the sedation is from the morphine they are giving him to calm his breathing which has become quite labored, but some of it is probably from the disease process.  The nurses have said his condition has been downgraded.  It won’t be long now.   We have decided that we will be staying here through the weekend regardless of whether God chooses to take him home in the next day or two.  We feel we need to be at the ALC board meeting on Saturday, and our being back in Indiana with the family is something that can be done at a later time.  Please pray for me, I really want to be with my family right now, but I know I need to be here too.

That is it for now.  We need to get to the ALC.  We will post again in a couple of days!  Have a great day!


  1. Jane Lotz says:

    My Dear Friend Mindy I am and will continue to PRAY for you as your heart is troubled with the news on your grandpa we know and are thankful that our Great God has everything in control and he will be with you and give you strength for what you are facing.
    O fix our earnest gaze, so wholly Lord, on Thee, That with Thy beauty occupied we elsewhere none may see!
    Love you Sis, your BIG Sis in Christ, Jane Lotz

  2. Debi Mangin says:

    Praying for you Mindy!

  3. Angela says:

    Mindy, sorry about your grandpa….hugs to you and you family!!

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