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…trip update!

(posted by Mindy)

Sorry for not keeping you all posted and up to date on our trip, but we were so busy the whole time we were in the Bahamas (minus the few hours we took Sunday afternoon/evening to go to a beach and to the cliffs on the west side of the island to watch the sunset).  We took three of the young people from ALC with us on our Sunday afternoon/evening excursion, and we had a great time.  We actually found some semi open country side on the west side of the island.  We were able to drive faster than 40mph without the customary starting and stopping.  Now we know where to go when city life if wearing on our nerves (after 3 years of rural living, urban living is going to be quite an adjustment).

Kevin, Chelsea and Cornelius (ALC facilitators) at Jaws Beach

Sitting on edge of the cliff while watching the sun set on the west side of the island.

Last sunset for this trip.

The Adventure Learning Centre board meeting went well on Saturday.  We had an awesome time meeting the three board members we had not yet met.  We were able to sit in on a majority of the meetings as guests and got to hear some of the news of the past year and the excitement of the plans for the time going forward.  We are so excited that we are on our way to being a part of this ministry as it seeks to teach Bahamian children the truths of God’s Word and to minister to foreign mission teams that come to the islands for short terms mission trips.  We have been told to expect the official acceptance letter from the board this week.  We are now in a position to move full speed forward in planning our move to The Bahamas to minister full time with the Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  The staff at the ALC is excited to have us join the team and is eagerly anticipating our arrival sometime in January.  Yikes!  That is only 2½ months away.

Us with the ALC board

We will be heading to Indiana for grandpa’s funeral Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning this week.  It looks like instead of attending the Creation Conference at Living Waters this weekend, we will be attending two funerals instead.  One of a man who has lived a good long life (grandpa) and the other of a sweet little baby girl who barely lived a month.   My heart goes out to Terry and Autumn Swearingen and big sister Devyn in this time of great grief (I went to high school with Terry).

Just shed my first tears since hearing of my grandpa’s passing.  God providentially gave me a very full, busy day yesterday.  I did not shed a tear with the news of Grandpa’s passing-didn’t have time to dwell on it really.  Hearing my sister today tell me how the personnel at the VA hospital draped my grandpa’s body with a flag, played taps, and rolled him down the hallway of the VA while fellow veteran residents saluted him from their doorways as he passed was too much for me to hear as I sit in the quietness of this Minneapolis air terminal.  I miss him so much but would never ask him to return.  He is in the presence of his Creator!

We had a long two days of travelling again yesterday and today.  We left Nassau on Monday afternoon, arrived in New York at 6pm, wondered through Manhatten until midnight (it was neat getting to see New York), and then spent 4 hours “sleeping” in the terminal before boarding our 6am flight to Minneapolis.  We will be picking up a flight to La Crosse, WI soon.  Hopefully we will be home by around 4pm.  Of course tomorrow will be busy with travel preparations to go to Indiana.  What a week!

Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty during our 12 hour layover in New York.

Essex Cafe at Ground Zero (Medic area during 9/11). Our mission group ate here when we were in New York in 2004.

Our late night supper at Ground Zero. The best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich ever! (maybe we were just super hungry)

Times Square at about 1130pm. New York really never does sleep. I would hate to see the electric bill of this place. (Notice the back packs and bags we carried around New York with us.  We could not leave them at the airport.)

I will post again later in the week as time allows.  Have a great week everyone, and thank you for reading.


  1. Autumn says:

    It’s so lovely to hear about your travels and happenings of your family! Sounds like a crazy busy time right now for you! I can’t even imagine. It’s so fun to see where God is taking you. What an adventure! Oh, and by the way, I’m totally coming for a visit! 😉

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