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…plugging away!

(posted by Mindy)

On the Home Front

The scent of pumpkin candles is wafting through the air, giving some semblance or facade of normalcy in these messy surroundings.  If I close my eyes, I can almost picture what this place looked like last year at this time.   I am learning to cope, but I have to admit that I am missing my neat, tidy, put together house.  I realize this is only for a season and am praying for grace and patience during this time of transition.

Our new prayer cards are done.  We sent them out in our newsletter this week.  If you have not received a newsletter by next week and would like one, please email me your snail mail address and I will send one to you.

Preparations for leaving are underway, the piano is gone (sad day) and other items have sold and await to be sold on Craigslist  (if anyone is in need of a snowblower, we have a really nice one for sale). The bins are piling up in our dining room.  Tim and Zachary have had their doctor’s physicals. We all have had a couple of vaccinations. We all have been to see our eye doctor.  In December, the boys visit the dentist, and in January, Logan and I get our turn at the doctor’s office.

I have been busily researching moving/customs procedures and planning out what furniture (and other things) we will need in the house we will be living in.   We need to balance bringing the right things and not taking things we don’t need.  Shipping even used household items to the Bahamas is a very tricky process.  I am so thankful God has raised up a Christian customs broker in the Bahamas that will be helping us through this importing process.  Right now I am working on going through every packed box and bin and writing down literally every item that is in the container, even down to how much packing material is used in the bin or box.  There is duty on EVERYTHING.  If you ever get bored and want to read a document that will challenge your brain, let me know, and I will direct you to the tariff and duty document on the Bahamian government website.  I almost wish they had a flat rate option where you are offered to just pay a certain amount for the convenience of not going through all the paper work.

Living Waters Update

Tim finished his last days of cooking for guest groups and campers this past weekend at Living Waters.  His job in the camp kitchen is by no means done.  He has been busy deep cleaning the kitchen and getting everything in order for his replacement.   His official last days at camp are at the end of December.  He has several vacation days left and will be using them as we travel to see friends, family and supporters over the next two months.  I will be finishing up my “nurse” duties at camp over the next several weeks as well.  It pains me to do this since this has been my passion for more than 15 years.

ALC Update

Tim has been busy trying to pull together a brochure to use for promotion of the ALC Camp.  We will be speaking with a couple of the ALC board members on Saturday about a conference we will potentially be attending in Green Bay, WI in January.  This conference will be a great venue to promote the work of the camp and would be a great opportunity to connect with youth leaders and young people who might be interested in taking future mission trips to the Bahamas.

Support Raising

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators Link

We joined Grace and Truth Chapel in Westby, WI this past Sunday for their worship service, and then presented our ministry to their congregation during family Bible hour.  Next Wednesday, we will be in Wausau to present our ministry to Bible Truth Chapel during their Wednesday night prayer and Bible study time.  On Sunday, November 18th, we will be at Grace and Truth in Minneapolis to speak to the assembly and present the ALC ministry to them.  We have also been asked to come and present our ministry to another church in Viroqua some time in December, but that date has not been set up yet.  There are other visits to other places in the works as well. Please pray for safety in travel and our contacts with these other ministries.

Future Plans

Our Bahamas departure date has not been finalized yet.  We are still working with the shipping company to finalize our shipping plans.  As soon as we have a shipping date, we should be able to purchase our plane tickets.  We are still waiting on Bahamas immigration to approve our residency in their country but plan to go ahead with our plans to move there while we wait for the approval.  Please pray that a “miracle” happens, and we get the word sooner rather than later.  We will keep everyone posted.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    So great to get this update. Thankful that I know the places where you are sharing your vision. We will continue to pray for strength, wisdom and peace as you make the large transition.

  2. Geralynn says:

    Wow! I am surprised to see all the changes in your lives but excited for you too! Mindy, we were so sorry to hear of your grandpas passing and send our condolences.

    I am interested in the snow blower. How big is it? Does it have electric start? Brand, how old – etc.


    Geralynn Bergum Sent from my iPad

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