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…in Wausau, Wisconsin!

(posted by Mindy)

We are still unable to share any definite departure plans.  We are waiting to hear back from a couple more freight forwarders.  We are keeping an eye on airline ticket prices.  The prices jumped up $50 this week.  We are going to watch them for a few days and hope they go back down.  You can pray that the ticket prices drop again.

We had an enjoyable day yesterday connecting with friends and family in Wausau.  We began the day enjoying breakfast cooked by our awesome host, Tony Nakhla.  We then made our way to the Grebe’s store to purchase a grain mill (Yes, we plan on grinding our own wheat-an economical way to have whole wheat flour in the Bahamas) and a washing machine to take with us to the Bahamas.  We visited Dani (Lotz) Miller in the afternoon at her home before making our way to a restaurant to have dinner with the Hess family and part of the Winterhoff family.  After dinner, we relaxed and visited with the Nakhlas at their house before going to bed.

Dinner with our friends: Clay and Teri Hess and Christian Winterhoff

Trey and Noah Hess with Logan

Hannah Hess, Helena Winterhoff, Cierra Hess with Zachary

Our awesome hosts, the Nakhlas!
Elizabeth, Tony, Monica, Daniel, Luann

Thank you, Tony and Luann for your hospitality.  We enjoyed our visit with you.  Now it’s your turn to come and visit us–in The Bahamas!

This morning we will be having breakfast with Rob and Nancy Weise to discuss the ALC (Tim grew up with Rob and Nancy).  Rob is a pastor/director of student and family ministries and is resource to 100 Evangelical Free Churches in Wisconsin in the area of student ministries.  Later today we will be heading to Minneapolis to start our week long visit with Tim’s family for Thanksgiving, to present our ministry at Grace and Truth Chapel on Sunday, and to visit and connect with friends in the Twin Cities area.

Have  a great weekend!


  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    It’s so great to know all these wonderful people you are visiting and sharing with. They are super in Wausau aren’t they!!! Glad you got so much done and continuing to pray for the details. Ticket prices to drop for sure. Blessings…

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