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…in the Twin Cities!

(posted by Mindy)

We had a great meeting with Rob and Nancy Weise Friday morning in Wausau.  We discussed how the ministry work Rob does and the ministry work at the ALC can work together.

Friday afternoon on our way to the Twin Cities from Wausau, we stopped in Eau Claire, WI to see a family we got to know through homeschool family camps at Living Waters.  The Whiting family is a special family, and we had a great visit with all of them.  Scott is a pastor who is planting a church in the Eau Claire area.

Zach and Logan blending in with the Whiting  family photo.  Scott and Lori Whiting with their awesome children (all 9 of them!)

Friday we arrived in the cities around supper time and met up with Tim’s mom before heading to Paul and Becky Kuehn’s house where we are staying while we are in Minnesota. (Becky is Tim’s sister).  Saturday morning we met with Andrew, Katie and her parents for brunch.

Brunch with Andrew & Katie and Dennis & Cathy Sundlie

Saturday afternoon we met up with Adam and Carole Miller in Apple Valley.  Saturday evening we went out with Paul and Becky and Tim’s mom to Beirut, a restaurant in West St. Paul that serves Lebanese cuisine.  We got to try a lot of  interesting food; it was delicious.

Carole and Emily Miller

Enjoying a Lebanese meal with Tim’s sister, brother-in-law and mother.

Sunday morning we presented the ministry to the assembly at Grace and Truth Chapel in Minneapolis.  We had a great time of worship and fellowship with the brothers and sisters there.  This is the church Tim attended while he was growing up.  Four people we used to attend Eden Baptist Church with joined us at Grace and Truth to hear our ministry presentation.  We then fellowshipped with them at lunch afterwards.

Presenting our ministry at Grace and Truth Chapel in Minneapolis

Cherish and Autumn Kovach, Geralynn and Jacob Bergum, and Tim’s mom joined us for lunch Sunday afternoon.

As you can tell, our weekend was full.  We have a full week planned for this coming week as well.  We will keep you posted.

God bless you all and have a great day!

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  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    Sounds absolutely fantastic. Recognize so many mutual friends. I’m guessing since there is no mention of Tim’s dad he was off hunting. ‘Tis the season. Great to see the pictures and hear the blessings. Hope you stay strong and healthy as you make this journey.

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