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…departure plans!

The date has been set.  Departure day is  ***January 16, 2013***.   Here is our schedule as it stands right now:

Tuesday, January 8th–pick up moving truck from Winona, MN and bring back to Westby;  load the truck with the things that are going to be stored at Tim’s parent’s house in Minnesota

Wednesday, January 9th–Tim and Logan drive to Minneapolis to drop off things at Mom and Dad’s house (and Andrew’s apartment); Logan also has an orthodontist appointment

Thursday, January 10th–return to Westby to load the truck with things going to Indiana, South Carolina and Nassau; depart for Mindy’s parent’s house in Indiana

Friday, January 11th–leave Indiana and stop off somewhere for the night (details still being worked out)

Saturday, January 12th–finish trip to Mindy’s sisters’s houses in Charleston, SC area

Sunday, January 13th–possible ministry presentation at Mindy’s sister’s church

Monday, January 14th–transfer things from the moving truck to a 20 foot storage container to be shipped out of Port Charleston

Wednesday, January 16th–flight leaves at 10am from Charleston airport and arrives in Nassau, Bahamas at 215pm

It will be a very busy week for sure.  PLEASE PRAY FOR NICE DRIVING WEATHER!  There is not a lot of leeway in the schedule.  Garrett will be coming with us to South Carolina and then flying with us to the Bahamas.  He will visit with us there for a week and then return the following Thursday.  We are excited, yet we know there is a lot to be done between now and then and would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Time with family and friends continues!

Yesterday we picked Tim’s dad up at the airport (he had been in Alaska on a hunting trip).  We spent the afternoon with him and had dinner with him and Mom.  Last evening we went and visited with another family that we met at homeschool family camp at Living Waters.  We had a great time visiting with the Cobb family in their Brooklyn Center home.

The Cobb family

We were suppose to meet with another family tonight, but they have contracted a stomach bug.  We will not be able to see them on this trip.

I had better get this posted and get on with the day.  We have some errands to run this afternoon before having dinner at Mom and Dad’s house.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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  1. The time is approaching quickly…so excited for you all! I will be praying…

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