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…Thanksgiving week with family and then home sweet home!

(posted by Mindy)

Home again!

(Pictures of our week are below as are a schedule and prayer request list.)

Over the last week and a half we had a wonderful time of food, fun, food, fellowship, food, friends, food, family, food…you get the idea.  We crammed a lot in to that short amount of time and had a great time doing so, and this week we are back home and coming down off a sugar, fat, processed food high.  We are eating healthier again.  Since we have only a few more weeks here at home, we don’t want to buy a lot of groceries and are trying to use up what we have on hand.   It has been challenging, but fun, coming  up with new recipes to pull together meals from the ingredients we have in our freezer, frig and pantry.  I told my guys to be flexible and willing to eat things we are not used to eating together.  Of course I am the one that is probably going to have issues since I am such a nutrition fanatic.   This too I have given to the Lord.

With so much left to do before the move and only 4 weeks of “home” time left, we are beginning to feel the pressure to get things done.  Many of you who have moved know the feeling of “What do I do with this?” when going through your earthly possessions.  Besides the many different sorting projects scattered throughtout the house, I believe not knowing what to do with things is the hardest thing for me to deal with.  Do I need a crochet needle in the Bahamas, do I take my whole sewing kit or leave it in storage, do I really want to pay duty on my great grandmother’s wall mirror,  what if this, what if that, should it go or should it stay… Perhaps I should hire someone who has no sentimental attachment to our things to tell me what to do.  I am praying over almost every item as I fit it into the bins and add it to the inventory list.  Please pray for discernment and clarity of mind.

We are still working on shipping company details.  We are waiting for another quote from a company referred to us by a friend, and as soon as we hear back from them and the other company we are seriously considering, we should be able to make a decision on our shipper.

Reminder to those who are interested: our Commissioning Service at our church is scheduled for Sunday, December 9th at 10:00am.  If you would like more information, please don’t hestitate to contact us.

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving week…

Tim’s sister, Becky Kuehn, is a licensed day care provider. We got to see first hand why she is a highly sought after provider. She is awesome with the children; we enjoyed watching her interact with them.

Lunch with Dave and Terri Imig. David was the best man in our wedding.

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we went to serve together at Feed My Starving Children

At Feed My Starving Children

Packing food at Feed My Starving Children

Garrett and Logan with their cousins. (Loved the hair nets!)

Those of the Seeley Clan that served at Feed My Starving Children. (If you are ever in the Twin Cities, this is a great ministry opportunity.)

Our family’s Thanksgiving table from one end…

…then the other! It was great sharing the table with everyone.

Kuehn family (Tim’s sister): Melissa, Paul and Becky, Ben and Kara, Bryan and Suzanne

The Myers Family (Tim’s sister): Karen and Caleb, Kristina and Joe, Julie and Jason, Chuck and Ruth (Joel and Bethany could not be with us)

Seeley Family: Garrett and Abby, Tim and Mindy, Andrew and Katie, Zachary, Logan

Tim’s parents- Lee and Jan Seeley
(It was there 54th wedding anniversary that day)

Saturday we hung out at Andrew and Katie’s apartment with them

We did some shopping at Mall of America on Saturday afternoon

Sunday morning worship at Eden Baptist Church

James Mattsen and Erik Queen (friends of ours from Eden Baptist Church)

Danielle Ranch, Josh Huber, and Daniel Huber with Garrett at Eden


December 2:  Ministry Presentation at Living Faith, Viroqua

December 7-9: our parents and kids in town to celebrate “Christmas” and attend or commissioning service at our church

December 13-17:  Travel to Michigan to visit friends

December 17-20:  Travel to Chicago to visit friends  (Garrett meets up with us in Chicago)

December 20-25:    Travel to Covington, IN to spend Christmas with Mindy’s family

January 4-6:  Travel to Green Bay, WI to represent ALC at the E-Free Church’s youth conference

January 7-11:  Crazy move week!  (see last week’s post for more details)


Immigration paper work is still not processed
Garrett needs a job
Logistics of moving (packing, shipping, etc)
Travel safety
Discernment on purchasing a vehicle in Nassau (specific request: right-side drive, >8 passenger van)
Zach and Logan’s homeschool work schedule (it is challenging for them when we are travelling so much)

Philippians 1:3 says, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.”  We think of all our dear family, friends, and acquaintences often. As the Lord brings people to mind, we are compelled to pray for them.  If there is anything you would like us to pray for, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and share your request with us.

May God bless you.  Until next time…

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