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…celebrations, travel plans, update!

Commissioning Service

 If you are able, you are welcome to join us at Grace Church in Viroqua this Sunday for our Commissioning Service.  The worship service begins at 10:00am.  For information and directions, our church website is

A Week of Family Celebrations 

Logan's surprise party by Katy, Andrea, Garrett and Abby

Logan’s surprise party by Katy, Andrea, Garrett and Abby

Katy, Logan and Andrea with the mugs the girls had made for him.

Katy, Logan and Andrea with the mugs the girls had made for him.

The traditional picture with Mom and Dad

The traditional picture with Mom and Dad

Our week began with a celebration- Logan’s birthday, and it will be ending with another celebration- “Christmas” with our children and our parents.  Because of the Commissioning service scheduled for this weekend, our children and our parents are joining us for the weekend.  We thought we would take the opportunity to  celebrate Christmas together as a family on Saturday.  It may be a long time before we are all together again.

Speaking of separation…This past summer, right after I realized another move away from family and friends was imminent, God brought Matthew 10:37 to my mind, “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”  I also realized that when compared with the expanse of eternity, our time on this earth is so very short, a speck or blip in the screen of eternity really.  We must be doing what we can to “bring others” to Christ while we are able.  After all, we have all eternity to enjoy fellowship with those we love (provided our loved ones know the Lord as their Savior).   We are well aware that we are being called away from our friends, family and loved ones to do a work that will impact the kingdom of God and will bring glory to our Lord.  The eternal benefits of the work we will be doing will assuage the pain of separation.  The glory of God and the prospect of reaching lost souls for Christ make this momentary “suffering” worth it. Please pray that we are able to keep our focus on the job God has called us to do and not on homesickness and longings for visits from family and friends!

Visiting Schedule

 This past Sunday we were able to share our ministry with the assembly at Living Faith in Viroqua.  The congregation was warm and welcoming.  The time of prayer they had with us during the service was very encouraging.  We are reminded all the time of the importance of prayer, and knowing others are praying for us is such a blessing.

Presentation at Living Faith in Viroqua, WI

Presentation at Living Faith in Viroqua, WI

Next Thursday we leave for our trip to Michigan, Chicago and Indiana to visit friends and family.  We will be returning to Westby on Christmas day.  Winterama/WinterRecharge starts two days after Christmas and Tim, Zachary and Logan will be working in the kitchen for the camps.  Please pray for our time with friends and family and for safety in travel.

Moving Update

It has been a long hard process, but we believe we have found a freight forwarder who will be handling the shipping of our household items to the Bahamas.  We originally had thought we would load the 20 foot container ourselves and save some money, but we have found this company’s price to professionally load the shipping container to be quite reasonable and have decided to pay the extra money to have them load it for us.  We believe it is money well spent.  Please pray that everything goes according to what has been promised by the shipping company.  We realize it is all in God’s hands and are trusting Him to work things out for the best (whatever that looks like).

I will try to post again next week before we take off for Michigan.  I am sure we will have plenty of  Christmas pictures to share.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You are leaving friends and family – but we have so many friends – and people that think of us as family – in the Bahamas. You will find that God is doing some things there that will give great meaning to your life and teach you about the love of God’s people. We have thousands of great memories and growth opportunities there. Keep pressing forward when you have doubts because there is much of the greatness of God showing through the Bahamian church. It will be different but it will be good – we had almost 10 years of that and still long to experience it again.


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