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…Wow! Only TWO weeks to go!

(posted by Mindy)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

We hope you all have had a blessed time with family and friends as you celebrate the birth of our Savior and ring in the new year.  We had 2 wonderful weeks of visiting with family and friends, and now we are home and back at the task of packing, sorting and inventorying everything.  We left my parent’s house Christmas morning and arrived home in Westby around 4pm that afternoon. We are road weary and glad to be home.

It just hit me this morning:  TWO WEEKS!  In 2 weeks we will be leaving Westby.  In 3 weeks we will be leaving America.  That is not a whole lot of time.  I am a tad bit overwhelmed and feel like my head is spinning.  Tim seems to be taking everything in stride and is more relaxed.   Although I am not anxious (by God’s grace I am at peace), my “remember to do” list is filling my brain, and I am concerned that I am going to forget to do everything that needs to be done Please pray for clarity of mind, discernment, stamina and strength, and plenty of time to get everything done.  Please also pray for Logan and Zachary right now as they face the challenges of school work as well as packing and moving issues.  My mother-heart wants to protect them from this hustle and bustle, but I know this transition is an educational opportunity in and of itself and will build character in them.

I will probably not be posting much over the next two weeks because of all that is going to have to be done, so I am going to quickly give you a recap of our schedule for the next two weeks:

December 27-30: Winterama/Winter Recharge at LWBC: Zach and Logan are dish washing, and Garrett is counseling.

December 30:  our last Sunday at our church

January 4-6:  Tim, Mindy, Logan and Zachary representing Adventure Learning Centre in Greenbay, WI for Districts (E-Free church youth conference)

January 8: Pick-up moving truck, load truck with things being stored in Minnesota

January 9: Tim and Logan to take moving truck to Minnesota, drop off things in Minnesota, return to Westby, load truck with things being shipped to Nassau (and other places south of here)

January 10: leave Westby for Covington, IN by 10am (Garrett will be going with us); send-off party with Mindy’s family that evening

January 11: leave Covington for Corbin, KY

January 12: leave Corbin for Charleston, SC

January 13: attend church with Mindy’s sister and present the ministry to the assembly there

January 14:  load shipping container at Charleston Port

January 15:  trip to Florence, SC

January 16: Tim, Mindy, Garrett, Logan and Zachary fly out of Charleston for Nassau via Atlanta, GA at about 10am

January 24:  Garrett flies from Nassau to Charleston, SC

January 25: Garrett flies to Minnesota from South Carolina

January 27:  Garrett returns to La Crosse, WI from Minneapolis via Amtrak

Please pray that the weather cooperates.  There is not a lot of leeway in the schedule for bad driving weather.  We know that God is in control and His ways are perfect.  He will work things out according to His plan.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Drop us a line if you get a chance.  We enjoy hearing from you!

Have a great week everyone.  We look forward to communicating with you again.  May God richly bless you!

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