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…travel update and “emergency” phone numbers you can use to reach us!

We made it to South Carolina safe and sound.  We are tired but enjoying time with family.

We found out yesterday afternoon that we are going to need to get our car in to be worked on before we can travel north in it.  A month ago, the tire was impaled by a broken spring on one of the front wheels (something like that anyway).  My sister had the car repaired but didn’t have the spring on the other side fixed.  We have been advised that the other side needs repaired for safety reasons.  It is in the shop today.  Please pray that the repair goes well and it is done so we can leave Sunday morning.

If you need to get in touch with us on a more urgent matter, you may try the following phone numbers.  We will be getting a Straight Talk telephone number some time early next week.  We will post that number when we get it.  For now, here is where we will be staying:

May 30-June 2:

Melissa McDaniel (Mindy’s sister)    843.499.1125

Tammy O’Sullivan  (Mindy’s sister)  843.851.4125

June 2-June 3:

Chuck and Ruth Myers (Tim’s sister)       828.455.8134

June 4-7:

Ruth and Theo Habel       608.787.0323

Garrett Seeley    608.433.5571

June 7-15:

Lee or Jan Seeley  612.789.2830

June 15-21

Dick or Connie Mikels       765.793.3150

June 22-29

Living Waters Bible Camp   608.634.4373

June 30-July 3

Ruth and Theo Habel  608.787.0323

We will try to put up a regular update/post some time next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Faye Browning says:

    Let me know when you will be in Ohio and how long?  If it is possible we may see you if we know more details. Love Ya all–hae a good change of scenery Love Bob & Faye

    God’s love is meteoric, His Loyalty astronomic Ps 36:5 (The Message)


  2. says:

    hi Mindy trust you made it to Lee and Jan’s safely!! It was GREAT getting to see you Wed. night!!!!!!!! I PRAY for you 4 every morning!!!!

    Did you find something in your card???? We are thankful to Our God that we could FINALLY give it to you!  Lord Willing we will have more the next time we meet again! We are enjoying the stove very much

    Love and Prayers, Jane


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