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Checking in!

(posted by Mindy)

Sorry.  No big post again this week.  We will be posting pictures for the last month in the next couple of weeks and will provide a more substantial post as well.

The boys and I are finishing up our week at Living Waters Bible Camp in Wisconsin, and Tim is trying to hold the fort down without us at the Adventure Learning Camp in Nassau (succeeding quite well I might add).  High School Camp here at LWBC has been great, and it has been so nice getting to connect with friends.

Prayer Requests:

Tim as he continues the work at the ALC without us there to help him

The boys and I as we make preparations to head back to the Bahamas next week

Travel- Garrett, Logan, Zachary and I fly out of La Crosse on Wednesday, July 3rd

Living Waters Bible Camp ministry

Adventure Learning Centre—day camp programs going on right now

Adventure Learning Camp—mission teams that we are serving right now


Have a great weekend.  Stay tuned for a much bigger update next time!


…quickly checking in after an unintentional period of silence!

Greetings everyone.  Sorry it has been a while since we have posted anything.  It is surprising how busy these short furloughs can be.  There is so much to get accomplished, and there are so many people to connect with and see.  Add in long road trips, a  nephew’s graduation, reporting in with supporting churches, and shopping for supplies not easily or cheaply acquired in the Bahamas and it is no wonder we feel tired and unable to do much of anything else.  Busy as we are, we are content and refreshed in our journey.

A quick side note-  Tim is not with us in the states now.  He returned to the Bahamas last Tuesday to get ready for the mission groups that are arriving on the island this weekend.  Hopefully he will have something to report soon, and I can include the ALC news in my next post.

We are currently in the Covington, IN/Danville, IL area staying with my parents.  We left Tim’s parent’s house in Minneapolis yesterday morning and stayed in Chicago with my friend Charles Owens last night.  We arrived at my parent’s house around noon today.  We will be here until we leave for Westby, WI next Friday.

The boys and I will be presenting our ministry tomorrow to Edgewood Baptist Church in Danville, Illinois.  Edgewood is the church I grew up attending.  On Tuesday evening, I will be presenting the Adventure Learning Centre and Camp ministry to the mission committee at my cousin’s church near Lafayette, Indiana.  They are interested in a mission trip.  Please pray for these presentations.  I am not one that likes public speaking and am really wishing Tim were here right now to do the presenting.

Last week I received the MRI report for my knee injury from my orthopedic doctor in the Bahamas.  According to the report, I have a torn medial meniscus, slight tear of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), and sprains of the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament).  I received “orders” to wear a hinged leg brace (which I have complied with), not run or jog, abstain from any twisting motion of the knee joint, and schedule knee surgery for sometime in late July (hopefully when my twin sister, who is also a registered nurse, is on the island).  Yes, prayers would be appreciated.  We are praising the Lord that the surgery to repair the medial meniscus tear is only minor surgery and will not require an overnight stay in the hospital.   The slight ACL tear mentioned on the MRI report must not alarm the doctor because he says that the ACL does not need repaired.  An ACL repair would be major surgery.  Pain remains manageable with the worst being at night when I am in bed or anytime I bend my knee beyond 45 degrees.  Although inconvenient, the knee injury could have been worse, and we are thanking God it is not worse than it is.

I am going to skip the pictures for this post  (sorry to those of you who love the pictures!).   It is very time consuming to post them, and I feel I should not take the time to do it right now.  When I get back to Nassau, perhaps I will be able to put together a post that recaps the trip in pictures for you all to see.  Those of you who like pictures, stay tuned!

(Written by Garrett)My parents have bought a 1

(Written by Garrett)

My parents have bought a 1 month phone card with straight talk.  They will have this number until July 4th.  The number is 6122120169.

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