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When the caregiver becomes the care receiver!

(posted by Mindy)

As a nurse, I admit that I am not a good patient.  Of course there is the “too much knowledge” issue, but more importantly there is a sin issue here.  The fact that I hate being a bother or burden to others or that I hate the loss of control that comes with putting myself in the care of others, shows I struggle with pride.  I am learning that I need to be humble, graciously accept help from others, and give up the need to control my life and circumstances.  I am learning that my sufficiency is not in myself but in God Himself and those He sends into my life to assist and guide me.

With that said, I can now happily report that surgery is done!  The doctor found a clean-cut, flap tear of the cartilage in my left knee.  All indications are it was successfully treated.   The scope also revealed the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is intact.  I am able to bear weight on my left leg but will use crutches for a few days for walking stability and comfort.

It was a pretty rough evening yesterday with post-anesthesia related nausea and vomiting, but by 3:00 am this morning, I was able to keep down some water and saltines.  I woke up this morning with deep, aching pain in my knee, but no nausea.  The nausea did return, however, when I was up and about too much and after taking a couple of Tylenol with codeine pills.  I have decided that shorter trips out of bed and non-narcotic medication is in the plan for me the rest of the day.

Tim and I are so glad my sister Missy was with us yesterday during the whole Doctor’s Hospital routine.  As a nurse, she was a huge help.  After yesterday’s experience, I have reached the conclusion that I will never allow myself or someone I know be at the hospital for surgery without someone at their bedside during the recovery time.  All I am going to say is, the doctors (surgeon and anesthesia doctor) were phenomenal, but the nursing care was not that great.  I am sure a lot of my critique is based on my own nursing training (and that of my sister’s), but there were a lot of things that we consider “no, no’s” in nursing care.

I see the doctor next Thursday for a follow-up appointment and will know more information after that.  I will be cooperating with doctor’s orders to lie low for a few days, so could you please pray for Tim as he works with the groups here at camp without me?

Have a great weekend, and THANK YOU so much for your prayers and concern!


  1. Donna M says:

    Glad to hear your surgery is over, Mindy ~ hope you’ll be able to rest & recover without feeling the need to get back to your “responsibilities” too quickly. I get that!!

  2. Cindi R says:

    Spoken like a true nurse! Glad to hear all went well.

  3. Vicki says:

    So glad you are out of the woods and on the road to recovery!

  4. Nathan R. says:

    Miss you guys…hope all is well.

    Nate (mission discovery

  5. eaglescoony24 says:

    Miss you all…hope all is well. We should connect via Skype or Facetime someday.

    Nate (mission discovery)

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