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How Can You Help?

Dear family and friends, 

In our last couple of blogs, we mentioned we have been in prayer about taking a ministry promotion trip this fall.  Trips like these are tiring and costly, but they are necessary.  Our goal for the trip is to connect with current supporters, share our needs and offer opportunities for others to partner with us in our ministry work, promote the Adventure Learning Camp for future mission trips, and recruit and share needs for missionary staff at the Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  

We have figured the trip is going to cost us about $4500.  This includes airfare (Tim, Mindy and Zachary), car rental, gasoline, and cost to attend a pastor’s conference. (This conference is at the front end of the trip and will be a way for us to rest and be rejuvenated after a very busy year). 

Although this trip involves promoting the ALC&C as well as our personal ministry work, we intend to pay for it out of our own pockets.  The monthly support we receive is not sufficient to cover the cost of “extras” such as trips, education expenses (of which there have been some high ones this year), or unexpected expenses.  Avoiding these “extras” and dipping into our savings/retirement accounts are how we have been able to pay for these expenses in the past.  Unfortunately, all the dipping into our savings is starting to affect us.  Would you prayerfully consider how God might use you in helping us with funding this trip?  No amount is too small or insignificant.

To make a tax deductible donation electronically, you may access Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators (our support handling organization) by clicking on the icon in the sidebar.  Non-electronic payments can be made (by phone or snail mail) to

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators

PO Box 53640

Albuquerque, NM   87153-3640


Please write “ministry trip” somewhere in the comment box so we know what the donation is for.

We have posted a fundraising thermometer in the sidebar.  (This thermometer is different than our monthly support thermometer that has been on the home page since we developed this blog. )  We hope this will not only inform everyone of the progress of our fund raising but also encourage everyone as they see how God is providing!

God has promised to provide all our needs (Phillipians 4:19).  He also equips those he calls to serve him (I Thesselonians 5:24).  Because we believe God has already set in motion the plans for this upcoming trip, we are confident He has already established the provision for the trip.  In a sense, the need has already been met; we just don’t know how or when God is going to let us know.  Perhaps He will use you!  

If you are unable to support us monetarily, would you please still support us with your prayers?


Thank you and God Bless!

Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley


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