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The trip continues, but first a brief note to our Pastor and his wife!

Today we arrived in Wilson, North Carolina.  We had such a wonderful week in Nashville, TN.  We met a LOT of new people, and we had some time to relax a bit as we were spiritually fed from God’s Word at the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastor’s Conference.  Zachary got to hang out with his best friend, Granton, in Franklin, TN while we attended the conference.

Time-out to say thank you

Because I know our pastor reads this blog, I am going to use this semi-public venue to express to him and his wife how much we care for and appreciate them:

At the Sovereign Grace Minisries Pastor's Conference in Nashville, Tennessee with our pastor, Cedric Moss and his wife Alexine.

At the Sovereign Grace Minisries Pastor’s Conference in Nashville, Tennessee with our pastor, Cedric Moss and his wife Alexine.

As Tim and I sat in the meetings at the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s Conference this past week, we had the opportunity to listen to other members of Sovereign Grace Churches from around the country and world publicly thank their pastors for all they do for them as pastors of their local assemblies.  As we sat listening to all the tributes to these incredible servants of God, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed that we at Kingdom Life Church did not have an opportunity to publicly thank and pay tribute to our shepherd.  We are sure if we had been given the opportunity, many of us at KLC would have submitted tributes for Pastor Moss. We would like to take this time now to publicly thank Pastor Moss and pay tribute to him for his humble, servant heart and faithfulness in handling God’s Word.  What a blessing and encouragement he is.   His love and concern for us is evident in how he labors to teach us and point us to Jesus, how he fervently prays for us, and how he patiently listens to us.

Pastor Moss,

We would like to personally thank you for all you have done to make our transition to the Bahamas a much more pleasant, seamless experience.  You have patiently helped us many times as we have tried to understand Bahamian culture.  We are sure you have prayed for us as we have sought to be wise, discerning missionaries to the Bahamian people.  We know God brought you in to our lives to not only be our pastor but also to help us be more effective in our ministry work.  Thank you for your friendship, your love and your care for us, and being a good example of what it is to be a godly servant leader.


Your friendship and encouragement to me is something I treasure.  You are the perfect example of a godly woman and help meet to your husband.  You are an inspiration to me.  I look up to you and strive to model my marriage to my husband after you.  Thank you for supporting your husband and sacrificing time with him as he labors to feed and care for all of us at Kingdom Life Church.

The last week


On Monday afternoon, we left Chris and Renee Grul’s home in White, GA.


I drove to Nashville while Tim worked on some of his course work.  It was the first time I had driven in the USA since last November.  I was a tad bit nervous, but I soon adjusted back to driving on the “right” side of the road.


On Monday night, we stayed with Kevin and Linnea Ledgister and their family.  Zachary stayed with them while we attended the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastor’s Conference in Nashville.



On Tuesday we had lunch with Maury Buchanan, president and founder of Mission Discovery.  Mission Discovery sends mission teams to us in the summer time.


After checking in to the hotel and registering for the conference on Tuesday evening, we had dinner with Keith and Kristin Bunting and Doug Plank.



Each morning and every evening, we enjoyed a great time of worship and sitting under strong Bible teaching from some great expositors of God’s Word.

038Of the many people we met while at the conference, we met Dan and Jodi Birkholz.  Dan is the son of Jerry  and Beth Birkholz.  We attended church with Jerry and Beth at Eden Baptist Church in Minnesota.


046 On Wednesday we had lunch with pastors of Sovereign Grace Churches in our region.


006On Thursday evening we met with Kevin, Linnea and their children at an Italian restaurant.  We spent some time together and then took Zachary back to the hotel with us.  Tim had to leave early the next morning for Fort Lauderdale, FL to attend an ALC&C board meeting and I had to drive back to Atlanta.


Granton and Zachary have been best friends since third grade camp at Living Waters Bible Camp.


We got to spend quite a bit of time with Keith and Kristin Bunting.  You may recall that Keith was our worship pastor at Kingdom Life Church until they left the island and moved to Florida to minister in another church.

015The last night of the Pastor’s Conference.  We are so glad we were able to attend this conference.  The preaching was awesome and a much needed boost for us.  We are already looking forward to next year’s conference in Indianapolis, IN.  We are hoping and praying we can attend.



On Friday morning Tim flew from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale to attend the ALC&C board meeting.  Zachary and I drove back to Atlanta.  On the way, we stopped in at Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN.  Susanna Flanders works at the Ranch and she graciously gave us a tour.  We had met Susanna last Easter through Pastor Cranston.  While at the Ranch we got to see a young Bahamian man we met last year, Owen Moss.

Thanks for following us on our journey.  We will try to post again after we leave North Carolina.  Please pray for strength and stamina.  God has been sustaining us, and we are energized by all the great people we have connected with, but our bodies are already feeling tired.

Have a great weekend!

God bless!
Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley

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