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We are running a marathon, not a sprint!

Someone asked us how our jog around the country has been.  We told him, it is a marathon, not a sprint, so we are trying to pace ourselves.  So far this is what our itinerary has looked like:

Cummings GA, White GA, Franklin TN, Nashville TN, Canton GA, Wilson NC, Paseco NY, Delhi NY, Bethel CT, Huntington NY, New York City, Lancaster PA, Toledo OH, Windsor Ontario, Owasso MI, London Ontario.

The last four are from this week alone.  We are tired, but God is good and sustaining us.  We have made a lot of great contacts, and we look forward to seeing what God does with our connections from this trip.

It has been our goal to update our blog weekly while on this trip so people know where we are and what we have been doing, but we were unable to get a post done last Friday.  Below is the update for the last two weeks.  Enjoy seeing where we have been, who we have seen, and what we have been doing.  It has been a great journey, and we have been incredibly blessed and encouraged by the many people we have met and visited.

The last two weeks in pictures

Saturday, November 1-4:  Delhi, New York


We were blessed to be guests in the mountain home of Walt and Marge Hutter in Andes, NY. We stayed with them until we left for Connecticut on Tuesday.



Delhi Alliance Church hosted a Bahamas Mission Team reunion on Saturday evening.


Jackie Howard (mother to one of our current ALC facilitators, Sam Howard) surprised us with a Bahamian meal. Yum!


Zachary had a good time reuniting with the young people from the team.


It was great seeing many of the Delhi team in person, but it was also good to “see” the ones from the team that joined us via Facetime.


On Sunday morning on the way to Delhi Alliance Church, we were greeted with a dusting of snow. Snow is beautiful when you know you do not have to live in it for months on end.


Delhi Alliance Church in Delhi, NY. Home church of the team that came to Nassau to serve at the ALC&C in April.


On Sunday morning, I was asked to speak to the lady’s Sunday School class.


Tim joined the men’s Sunday School class.


During the morning service, we shared the ALC&C ministry with the church.


This is Janice Armstrong. She is the wife of our new maintenance man, Patrick Armstrong. Pat will be back home in December, and in January, Pat and Janice will come back to the Bahamas to serve with us at the ALC&C. Pat as maintenance director and Janice as Tim’s office assistant at Camp. (Our dressing alike this day was totally unintentional.)


We took a few minutes to stop in and meet Pat’s mom.


On Tuesday morning we met at a bagel shop in Delhi to share a devotional with the youth group from the church before the youth went to school.

November 4: Connecticut


After attending the Bagel club, we headed east towards Connecticut. The state of New York has “text stops”.


We saw a sign on the road on the way to Connecticut for a Military Museum. We stopped for Zachary to see the equipment, but the museum was closed.


We stopped in Ridgefield, Connecticut to eat at the restaurant that belongs to the aunt and uncle of one of our facilitators, Josie Sorena.


The French Cuisine at Luc’s Cafe was so good.


After lunch, we met with Chelsea Kingston, Youth leader of Walnut Hill Church in Bethel Connecticut. Chelsea brings mission teams to Nassau.



That evening Chelsea took us and Josie Sorena’s parents and brother and John (a young man that came on one of the mission teams) out to an Italian Restaurant to visit. We enjoyed getting to know Josie’s family.


Connecticut had some beautiful fall colors for us to enjoy. This Japanese Maple was stunning. It is in front of the house of our host/hostess, Jim and Laura Kennedy.

November 5-7:  Long Island, New York


After we left Connecticut, we headed to Long Island, NY. We saw a road sign that said “Shelter Rock” and reminded us of the Shelter Rock Mission team that had been at Camp this past July. We decided to stop in and see a few of the team members. This is Pastor Kevin.


With Julia at Shelter Rock Church.


We stayed with former board member, Humphrey Duncanson and his darling wife, Marilyn while in Long Island, New York.


Our days have been busy, “doing” ALC&C work, and we have had no touristy days. On Thursday, we decided to take Zachary to downtown New York.


It was rainy and dreary, but we enjoyed our day in the Big Apple very much.


On Facebook we noticed a young lady we know from Minnesota was living and working in Manhatten. We made arrangements to meet her for dinner at Chipotle. This is Autumn Kovach.

November 7-10: Lancaster, Pennsylvania


This is Kurt Weaver. One of the pastors of Crossway Church in Lancaster, PA. He picked us up at the Baltimore, MD airport.


This is Kurt and Barbara Weaver’s beautiful family. We had such a wonderful time at their home. They spoiled us. They generously gave up their master suite to us. We felt like we were in a luxury hotel.


We got to play made-up games with the girls.


While Zachary played outside with the boys.


On Saturday evening, several of the E-team mission team that had come to Nassau in May met at the Weaver’s house for a reunion.


On Sunday morning, we presented the ALC&C ministry to Crossway Church.


After church, we met with a few more of the E-team members.


Grandma practice! I love these little girls, and boy were they fun to be with! Story time before bed the night before we left.

November 10-11:  Toledo, Ohio



This is Jon and Lisa Harris. Jon is my cousin. We had a great time visiting with them. As always, the time was way too short.


Their son Drake is a year older than Zach. Drake is such a nice young man. We enjoyed getting to see him again.

November 12-13:  Windsor, Ontario Canada


We crossed the border into Canada.


We met up with Sam and Lil Tissot. Sam is one of the original ALC&C board members. Tim and his sister grew up with their children.


That evening we attended Grace and Truth Chapel’s Bible Study and Prayer Meeting and were able to present an update on the ALC&C ministry.


This is the group of believers that met with us that night at the prayer meeting.

November 12-13: Owasso, Michigan


We got to spend some time with Erica Turner. She spent a year at Living Waters Bible Camp a couple years ago. I had the chance to mentor her that year.


We also got to spend some time with the Glardon family.

November 13—   :  London, Ontario Canada


We are currently in London, Ontario. We are staying with Bob and Faye Browning. Bob and Faye snowbird with us in the Bahamas every year. This weekend we will be meeting with their church. The church is sending a mission team to us in January. Staying with the Brownings feels like we are staying with our parents.

We are enjoying our time with Bob and Faye Browning and look forward to a relaxing, yet busy weekend here in the London area.  Being with Bob and Faye feels like we are with one of our parents.  Next week we will be heading back to the states.  We will try to post again later next week.

Have a great weekend!

Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley


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  1. judy says:

    So glad you all got to see autumn….we’re happy:-) …but missing her…judy

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