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It is Finished (Round 1)!



In a couple weeks, after submitting Zachary’s finalized high school transcript to Liberty University, we will officially be able to say, we are finished! Our classroom will be empty, and The Seeley Family Academy will close its doors forever. God called us to this task of homeschooling over 15 years ago, and after many years of work, we can relax from this significant responsibility. What a privilege it has been to pour into Zachary (and his brothers) all these years. Praise God for His work in us and for allowing us to minister to the next generation of Seeleys in this way.

On Saturday, May 21st, we were joined by Logan,  Mindy’s parents, ALC&C family, Kingdom Life Church family, and many Bahamian friends for Zachary’s graduation ceremony which was held here at ALC&C.  The ceremony was a blessing to many and Zachary was surrounded by the customary well wishes and prayers from many and even heard from friends and loved ones from back home in the States.  Pastor Moss closed the ceremony out with prayer and some wise words for Zachary.   He reminded Zachary that he is being blessed by all the prayers that were being offered on his behalf that day and not everyone receives such honor and prayers at this type of occasion.  Since prayer is so very important, Zachary was truly blessed on that day.  Following the ceremony, we gathered in the dining hall at Camp and enjoyed food and a time of fellowship.

Thank you everyone who came, everyone who sent video messages, those who joined us via internet live-stream, and anyone who joined us in their thoughts and prayers.  We felt loved and supported!

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(For those of you wondering, “It is Finished, Round 2” will be continued in October of this year, so stay tuned!)

Ministry Update: ALC&C



This month we said an early good-bye to one of our facilitators. Charlie left to go back to her home in Canada in early May. As we do with all our short term and long term staff that come and serve with us, we had a time of fellowship and prayer as we bid her good-bye.




These last couple of months we have seen many “strange” happenings on the road outside of Camp and Centre. You may recall from our last month blog that we had a 3-car fire right outside the camp gate in late April. The first week of May we were awakened around 315am to smoke and went outside to find another car on fire outside the Camp. This car looked abandoned. Two weeks ago we had 3 accidents within 3 days from cars obviously going too fast around the curve. Just this past week, we found skid marks in the gravel and grass area outside our gate where another driver lost control of his/her vehicle. We had a meeting scheduled with someone connected with Ministry of Works to discuss what can be done about this dangerous curve out front, but the person never showed up for the meeting. Please pray for safety of drivers, pedestrians and property. It is only a matter of time before we see some major injuries and damage. The week before our front gate was hit, Aaron had worked hard to get the gate fixed: pulleys, wheels, track, gate opener. Thanks to Aaron’s abilities, he was able to get the gate and fence repaired after the vehicle hit it.



Alexandra King (center) is a hospitality management major at College of Bahamas, and she is working with us at ALC&C as part of a summer internship program.  This week she is with us at Camp, learning how to plan, prepare for and serve mission teams.  We have enjoyed getting to know her and appreciate all her hard work.  She will be working at the Centre and Camp until late July.



This last month we have been experiencing a high number of costly, time consuming repairs to vehicles, equipment and electronics around the Centre and the Camp.  Two of our four buses are out of commission right now.  This is concerning because we will need all buses this summer as we transport mission teams around and the Centre needs the buses to transport day camp children on field trips.The gate opener and the mechanical parts of the Camp gate were damaged and needed replaced.  In less than a week after Aaron repaired the gate, a car hit the fence/gate and messed the gate up again. Our electric company does not have the most clean, reliable service, so power surges and brown outs are common.  One brown out earlier this month fried the transfer switch that switched power from the generator to BEC use.  The part required to fix that fry was over $1500.    Of course we are still dealing with an aging train at the Centre as well.  Please pray protection and longevity of equipment, that repairs are made affordably, and that we have the right help at the right time to make the necessary repairs.



Praise the Lord, we have the permit for the new cabin and the 2 new staff cottages (a future project).  We laid the forms and steel for the footings and foundation for the new cabin, had the first inspection (it failed), made corrections, and had the inspector back today.  The inspector’s comment:  “I wish more people were like you and do what I ask them to do.”  Inspection passed!!! The sand, gravel, cement, more steel, and cement blocks are on site and ready to start the build.  Hopefully tomorrow building will commence.  We are so excited to have this finally underway.  Please pray for wisdom and that everything goes smoothly here on out.

Ministry Update: Camp



Besides deep cleaning the kitchen and dining hall and organizing and mapping out storage cabinets/refrigerator/pantry this spring, Mindy has created kitchen procedures and put together a manual that will assist the many new weekly staff that will be coming this summer (and hopefully into the future) to help cook and serve in the dining hall and kitchen.  The procedures will assist all who are serving and add a bit of professionalism and improve safe food handling.


We continue to see increased numbers at our Friday night Youth Outreach.  We are blessed and encouraged by it.  Some of our mission teams have helped lead the outreach this spring, and the young people seem to connect well with their USA counterparts.  We continue to have “opportunities” (a nice way of saying we have some boys that are not always the best behaved) mixed into the group of delightful young people that come out each week, but we are so thankful that these “opportunities” keep coming back every week.  Please pray for each child that comes, and especially for these “opportunities”.  Pray also for wisdom and discernment as we deal with the increased numbers and the challenge that brings.

We had a local group from Calvary Deliverance Church at Camp in early May.  It was their annual retreat for their dance program.  The young ladies were here for 3 days and enjoyed the time “in nature”.  What a great weekend for the girls and the many leaders here with them.


The staff at the ALC&C were extremely blessed by the volunteer work, encouragement and presence of  Tim and Kathy Mentink earlier this month.  They brought a lot of materials to use for ministry work and outreach, expertise in putting together curriculum, and strong backs and minds to help with work projects.  We enjoyed their sweet dispositions and the way they cared and loved on the staff.
Ben and Lindsay Hotmire from Taylor University were here to connect with schools and with us about bringing education majors to the Bahamas to do J-term programs through Taylor University.  We were able to pick them up at their hotel, show them around the island a little, and bring them to the ALC&C to see the ministry.
This young man (name not shared to protect him) really blessed us for the 3 days he was with us.  He is from another island and was here in Nassau for follow-up doctor appointments following violent injuries he sustained earlier this year.  We were able to give him a place to stay and eat while in Nassau.  He is a new convert with a great testimony.  Please pray for his safety and healing and for his new walk with the Lord.
Our first kitchen helpers for this year were Dick and Connie Mikels.  Dick and Connie are Mindy’s parents and helped cook and serve meals for Life Church.  They were a joy to work with and fellowship with.  Thank you Mom and Dad for helping us serve our teams.
This last week we had a mission team of 28 young people from Life Church in Richmond, Virginia at Camp.  The young people were led by Pastor Vernon Gordon and were here to serve at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, Bahamas Association of Physically Disabled, Adventure Learning Centre and Camp, and Hopedale.  Pastor Vernon challenged his team on being missional minded: “How can I help vs. how do I look?”  The group was a blessing to the ALC&C staff and the children of the Bahamas, and as was voiced by some of the team members, the team was blessed and challenged in their walk and service to others.
Denise Young is from Atlanta, Georgia area and is here to help us with cooking for the mission team that is on sight this week.  Denise has been here before to help, and we appreciate her being here to help us.
Bedford Free Methodist Church from Bedford, Indiana arrived today.  They plan on conducting a VBS for the South Beach neighborhood children Friday, doing work projects at ALC&C, and serving at Bahamas Association of the Physically Disabled.  We are excited to have them here this week and look forward to serving them. (Stay tuned for more pictures of them next month!)
Ministry Update: Centre
School programs at the Centre are winding down for the school year.  You may recall from last month’s blog that this year we have been working at getting EVERY 6th grade class in the Bahamas government school system on the island of New Providence to Adventure Learning Centre. We are excited to report that we reached all but 2 schools. Praise the Lord! That means almost every Bahamian child leaving government primary schools on this island will enter junior high school next year having heard the Gospel!  We look forward to doing the same next year.
ALC SUMMER CAMP 2016 updatd (1)As in previous years, the Centre will be having its Summer Day Camp program June 20-July 29th for children ages 5-12 years.  It is an exciting, well planned out, well run program, and many weeks are booked to capacity.  Preparations are underway now with some current and former Day Camp staff coming alongside our facilitator staff to get things done before staff training starts on June 14.  Mindy will have a hand in the training week, as she will be conducting First Aid training.  It looks like it is going to be an exciting year.  The theme is “Treasure Hunters”.  For those on the island, registration is now open.  You may get more information by calling the Centre at 341-0206. Please pray for staff as they prepare for the programs and for the children that will be coming this summer to the Camp.
Work continues on the landscaping and beautification of the Centre.  We recently received a generous donation of fruit trees and flowers from a local nursery, Rocky Farms.  It may take a few seasons of growth to gain the full affect of what work has been done to give the Centre its facelift, but it will be worth the wait.
Family Update

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Never a dull moment here in the Seeley house and at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  We praise God for the opportunity we have to do life with the amazing people of The Bahamas, particularly those we have met at and through Adventure Learning Centre and Camp and Kingdom Life Church.  We feel so blessed.
Thank you for your support of us and for the ministry work we do.  Don’t forget to check us out and “like” us on Facebook, The Seeley Family Serving in the Bahamas and Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.
God be with you all!
Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley


  1. Julian W says:

    Always love reading your blogs. Always. I have not been faithful in $upporting you this year – not cool. Trust that I will be able to help on site a little later in the Summer.

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