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Four out of Five is not bad!

(This month is heavy on the personal update and lighter on the ministry update.  You will see why as you continue through the post.)


We are currently in Minnesota.  Zachary and I have been here since August 4th and Tim since the 23rd.  We will be returning to Nassau on September 3rd (this Saturday).

When we came, our goals were to get a break from the heat/humidity, rest up from a busy season (remember we had only a couple days off this summer), spend time with our kids/parents/siblings, welcome and get to know our first grandchild, and get refocused/renewed in our excitement for the ministry work we do (this always seems to naturally happen when we are away).  Although rest was not quite attained on this trip, we are happy to report that all other objectives were pretty much met.  Of course one can never have too much time with kids and grandkids, we are thankful to God for the time we did get to spend with Andrew and Katie, Garrett and Abby, Anastasia, Logan, Tim’s parents, my parents, my twin sister, and Tim’s sisters/families.

An Addition to the Seeley Family

God has blessed Garrett and Abby with an adorable, sweet baby girl, Anastasia Lucile Seeley.  She was born at 8pm on Friday, August 5th and has not only been sleeping through the night since day 3 but has also wiggled her way into all our hearts.  Grammy is in love/enthralled/captivated, Grandpa thinks she is pretty special, and Uncle Logan and “Big Z” are enamored with her and love the brief moments they can steal her out of someone else’s arms to hold her and love on her.  We have enjoyed this month (week for Tim) getting to know her, bond with her and help her parents adjust to parenthood.

The new phrase we heard often from our boys on this trip was, “don’t be one of those guys.”  Well, we must be “one of those grandparents.” We are about to share some, in our opinion, pretty amazing photos and video footage.  After all, you are only a first time grandparent one time.  Many of you will likely be unimpressed, but for those of you who are interested, enjoy!  (Just be glad I did not share all the photos.  You would be looking at them all day.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I was not aware of the 2 videos being taken at the hospital.  I thought Logan was just taking pictures, but I am so glad he did.  The first two videos are of our son first introducing each of us to his daughter.   The third video is of me getting to hold Anastasia for the very first time.  

Ministry Update: ALC&C

With August being a slow time for the ministry (especially at the Centre), many of the missionary staff take the opportunity to go back to the States to visit family and report to supporters.  Most of the missionary staff (except Aaron Mills and Tim) did indeed leave for the month of August.  Most of us will be returning this week.  When we all return, one of the faces that will be missing is our sweet Micah Godsey.  She came last August to serve a year as facilitator at the Centre.  She left on August 2nd to return to Indiana and begin the next chapter of her life.  We appreciate all this young lady did and her sacrifice and willingness to give up a year of her life to serve the Bahamian people.  We are going to miss you, Micah Joy, and wish you all the best.

Many of you remember Jesse Kaizer.  He is the young man from Wisconsin that came here in late April to volunteer with the Summer Day Camp.  He decided this summer that the ALC&C is a good fit for him and is returning this next weekend to serve for a year helping out in the maintenance department, with after school Adventure Clubs and with project management (working with mission teams when they serve on work projects at the Centre and Camp).  We are so excited that Jesse has decided to stay another year.  Please pray for him as details of his job and support raising are ironed out.

Ministry Update: Camp

Guests and Visitors

Eglise Evangelique Haitenne C&MA from Montreal Canada


As I mentioned earlier, Tim did not arrive here in Minnesota until last Tuesday.  He could not come back with us on the 4th because we had a mission team on site for the week of August 15-22nd.  The report is that the team was fantastic and a joy to serve.  They served Carmichal Evengelical Church, pouring into their youth department and their women’s ministry. Ms. Ada came and cooked for the group while, Tim, Aaron and Julian served the team’s other needs.

Julian Williams


Julian is no stranger to the Bahamas and ALC&C.  He comes nearly every year from his home in Toronto to help out.  He loves the heat (we have not quite figured that one out yet) and serving alongside us.  We enjoy having him around, and the work he does is a huge help.  This year he helped Tim serve the mission team and worked on many projects around Camp.  Thank you, Julian for your hard work.  (I am so sorry I missed you this year. You are just going to have to come back at Christmas.)

Cabin Construction in August

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Since I was not on site to take pictures or watch the progress of the construction, other then what I see in the pictures, I could not begin to tell you what is done and what is going on.  At least you will have some idea what is going on when you look at the slide show.  

Personal Upate

Part of the reason we are so busy and not able to get a lot of rest while we are here in Minnesota (of course supply shopping/packing, working on ALCamp things from afar, and “baby” duty/care of mommy and daddy are taking some time) is because Tim’s folks just bought a new place and are in the process of selling their home of 49 years.  This has left us scrambling to find a storage facility so we can move all our personal things out of their basement.  Thankfully, God had that all worked out and we have been making the 27 mile trek to the storage locker to store what few things we have left.  It was a great experience purging things yet again.  It is such a liberating feeling to be letting go of more worldly possessions.  Other than the small amount of personal items we own in the Bahamas, our worldly possessions are contained in that 5×5 storage locker.  We have also been doing projects around the house to get it ready to sell.

Time out to visit friends/supporters

We had the opportunity to visit a supporting church this past Sunday and give a brief update.  This Sunday was also the date another missionary was speaking.  This gentleman is a Columbian man serving in Bolivia.  It was refreshing and encouraging to hear his story and how God is working in the ministry he is a part of.  We also got to visit some dear friends from Eden Baptist Church where we attended when we lived here and with an aunt, uncle and cousin on their farm about 3 hours away from here.

This is not a lengthy post this time, but it is full of pictures.  There is a lot coming up over the next several days and weeks.  We appreciate your prayers as we journey back to Nassau and hit the ground running on Monday.  The ALC&C board will be on site this weekend when we return, and they have a special retreat day planned for staff for Monday as we begin 2 weeks of orientation.

Thank you for taking the time to get caught up on what is going on.  Thank you also for your prayers and support of us.  We look forward to any and all correspondence, so please write when you can.  

God bless,
Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley

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