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We have been full-time missionaries for over 7 years.  Before we began the full-time ministry work in Wisconsin and then here in The Bahamas, God gave us a very important ministry in our own home.    Ministry to our young children began on March 15, 1989 and continued until the 22nd of this month when Zachary turned 18.  For more than 10,053 days, we were responsible for stewarding, shepherding, guiding, loving, training, discipling our sons into adulthood.

For those of you beginning or in the middle of this journey of parenting young children, let us encourage you.  Parenting children may well be the most important ministry you will ever have.  Like any task, if God has called you to it (which He has), He is faithful and will equip you for the task.  Remember, “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it” (I Thessalonians 5:24, ESV).  Even though parenting is hard work, parenthood is a great journey, a rewarding full-time ministry.  Do not go it alone.  Rely on God’s all sufficient grace!

We rejoice for the 10,053 days that God allowed us to minister and pour into our sons, and we look forward to the next chapter of our lives and the journey He has for us.  Though different and unclear, we can rest assured that God is in control and has a plan for us.  

Update:  ALC&C

Let the new year at ALC begin!

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The new year has begun at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp, and we began September with staff orientation and training.  After the board sponsored retreat day for all staff and board members at The Cove Atlantis, Camp and Centre staff joined in on 2 weeks of team building activities, Centre/Camp orientations, and some trainings.  Facilitator staff had more detailed training by themselves.  We have a great group of staff this year, and we are excited to see what the year will bring.


 We welcome 2 missionary and 2 Bahamian staff members. From left to right: Eva (pronounced Afa) Sartor is from Germany and is here for a year working as a facilitator at the Centre.  Kentario McKenzie is from Nassau and is a new facilitator at the Centre. Returning to work in maintenance and do project management for mission teams is Jesse Keizer.  Also returning after being gone for a couple years is Elton Deetjen who will be facilitating at the Centre.  We are excited to have all 4 of these young people serving alongside us!

Business Trip to Pennsylvania

A couple weeks ago, we were in Philadelphia, PA for a conference: networking and learning how to better use ALC&C’s donor software.  While in Pennsylvania, we were able to connect with the church in Lancaster, PA that has sent a mission team to Nassau these last 3 years.

Buy a Seat


We have been struggling to keep our old busses up and running. We have school groups asking us to bring a bus that has seat belts to pick up their children. We have issues with large buses moving in and out of some of the smaller school parking lots. We also serve smaller groups at the camp that do not specifically need the big school busses. Because of these needs and concerns, we are looking to add a Jitney style bus to our fleet of buses.  In order to do this, we need to call on the generosity of people like you.  We have started a “Buy a Seat, Bring a Smile to a Child” campaign.  For $1500, individuals, youth groups, VBS programs, school groups, churches, etc can purchase a seat.  Only 34 seats purchased will buy a new bus, and the nice thing is, we already have 2 seats purchased.  Isn’t that wonderful?  

Every child that comes through the gates of Adventure Learning Centre is presented the gospel. Please prayerfully consider joining us in this venture that will have eternal rewards! You may click here or on the bus above, and it will take you directly to our donation link.  Thank you!

Update: Camp

Construction Projects


Not much has changed on the new cabin this month.  Between being at a conference mid-month, Friday night Youth Night starting back-up, and trying to get things up and running for our upcoming 3rd annual Young Adult Weekend, we have not had much time to work on finish work of the new cabin.  We have the windows and will be getting them installed soon.  After the window installation, finishing of the branding can commence, and then we can work on painting and tiling.  

Projects too numerous to count!

A harder working plodder would be hard to find.  Aaron continues to amaze us with his abilities and the amount of work he gets accomplished.   Camp:  tweaking front gate opener, installing wiring to supply back-up power to gate opener, trenching to replace overhead power lines and water piping, rewiring the entire office building (including adding upgrades), building a closet in the office, replacing light fixtures destroyed by brown outs and power surges, and the list could go on.  All these projects are on top of the organization and cleaning jobs he does to keep Camp looking beautiful.  We are so glad to have Aaron and are blessed with his presence, not only as a good worker but as a friend.

Guests and Visitors


David Beasley, a past Patmos graduate and a friend of a former Camp Director, came from Fort Lauderdale area for a 10 day trip to minister at All Saints Camp.  We enjoyed the opportunity to get know this guy.  His testimony and story is inspiring, and we are so honored to have had him with us at the Camp and in our home.

Did you know we also serve family mission trips?  This week we had the privilege of hosting the Krohn family from the Atlanta area.  They served the Bahamian people at Children’s Emergency Hostel, BAPD, and Bahamas Downs Syndrome.  They also helped with chores and work projects at the Centre and Camp.  We were able to host them at our house for dinner one night, and as we asked them (the children particularly) to share their feelings of what they have learned and experienced on this trip, the first thing Morgan (the daughter) said was, “We don’t usually spend this much time together in one room” (speaking of the family’s time together during ministry work and staying in Cabin 6 together).  These trips are more than service opportunities for families, they are also opportunities to be together, to minister together, to work together and to learn together.

Friday Night Youth Night Resumes


We have had good turn outs for our first 2 nights of Friday night Youth Night.  This year we are learning about the Armor of God, and Tim and I both are getting to disciple boys in grades 7-9  and girls in grades 7-9 respectively during small group discussion time.  We are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in the young people’s lives.

Young Adult Weekend

Our 3rd annual Young Adult Weekend is a week away.  We are excited to be having Jay Seegert back as our guest speaker.  The young people will be learning how to defend their faith in an increasingly hostile, intolerant society.  We have partnered with Bahamas Youth Network members and are looking for a good turn out this year.  Tim was able to get in a couple of radio commercials at local radio stations.  We are so excited for the weekend.

Update: Centre

Programming Begins 

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Daily school programs and after school Adventure Clubs have resumed for the year.  We have had a great week of government preschools this week, and the first week of training we had a Funday hosted by Family Guardian for the Bahamas Downs Syndrome.  It looks like it is going to be another exciting year at Adventure Learning Centre!

Update: Seeley Family

On September 22nd, we had the ALC&C family join us for pizza and ice cream/cake for Zachary’s 18th birthday celebration!   Parents of minor children no more.   We made it!

14374787_10154059592047746_1886258764_o-1   4736

Ok, you knew it was going to happen! I have to share the latest picture I have of our sweet baby girl Anastasia.  We won’t bore you with the details.  Just let us say that she and her parents are doing well.  The rest of the kids are doing well also.  The family picture here was taken at the end of August while we were back in Minnesota.

Please Pray 

As we finish this update, we ask that you keep us in your prayers:

God be glorified:  First and foremost, please pray that God be glorified in all we do, and that we and this ministry remains faithful to Him.  Pray that we will remain true, gracious and merciful. 


Support:  Our support has dropped off a bit since earlier this year, and things are a bit tight for us.  Please pray God raises up some new ministry partners to support us in the work we are doing here.  Other staff here are struggling with low support levels as well.  Please pray for all of us!  It is tough trying to raise support while trying to continue the work here on the ground.  If you would like to access our online donation site and make a donation, you may do so by clicking here or on the logo to the left.  Thank you!

Travel and Transition:  We take Zachary back to the States on October 13th.  He will be living with Mindy’s parents in Indiana.  Pray he adjusts quickly, finds a job easily and is able to get his driver’s license.  Pray for us as we adjust to life here without him.  We will be taking a few days between dropping him off and returning to the island to attend a pastor’s conference in Indianapolis.  Pray we receive some much needed R&R.

Wisdom/Discernment and Strength/Stamina:   As always we pray for wisdom and discernment as we serve the people of the Bahamas and those coming to serve the Bahamian people.  We also ask that you pray that we continue to serve with energy and vigor.

Praise the Lord:  For opportunity to serve and to minister to our family as well as the people of the Bahamas and those that come here to serve the Bahamian people.  What a privilege it is to be able to take part is helping to build the Kingdom of God.  We are so incredibly blessed.

Thank you for your interest in our lives and ministry work.  
God bless,

Tim, Mindy and Zachary Seeley

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