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Giving Praise Where Praise Is Due

  I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will praise you.

 Psalm 22:22

As this is our “fourth anniversary blog” (Can you believe we have been here 4 years already?), we had originally thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and show pictures of all the changes that have taken place at Adventure Learning Camp in our tenure, but as we thought about it, we began to consider, if we did that, would that not be tantamount to bragging and saying, “look what we have done?”  We have decided instead to simply say.  “What an awesome God we have!  May he continue to be glorified.”  

God has allowed us to learn and grow through the experience of serving here.   He has graciously allowed us to be His hands and feet and to be partakers of the great work being done here. Along the way we have been blessed and privileged to meet a lot of great people, serve along side other godly servant minded missionaries, face a lot of challenging ideas/dilemmas/work/people and personalities, and learn a lot about our world/human nature/ourselves.  God could have done His work here all by Himself, but He has allowed us first hand to see the blessing of His work accomplished.

 My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge.  With the mighty deeds of the Lord GOD I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness, yours alone.

Psalm 71:15-16 (ESV)

Help Wanted Needed!

     How would you like to come for a week, two weeks or even a month or more and serve alongside us here at ALC&C?  We are looking for a cook(s) to come and help us serve our mission teams next week, from the end of February until late March, for 2 weeks mid May, and then late June through the first week of August (minus July 23-29).  If you can follow directions and do basic cooking and kitchen maintenance (aka cleaning), you can be a big help to us in the kitchen.  Serving mission teams in food service can be hard work, but it is fun and rewarding.  Message Mindy at if you are interested in any of the dates.

Living in The Bahamas

     The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 were commemorated with our kids and with the ALC staff that were on site at the time.  We attended service at Kingdom Life Church where we shared God’s faithfulness to us that year, then we headed over to Paradise Island to welcome in the New Year.  On the night of the 1st, most went to downtown Nassau to enjoy the Junkanoo Parade.  

   A little blessing from God:  cool weather!  For us northerners, the 60-70 degree weather we have been having has been awesome.  We love being able to work without sweating profusely.  It is also fun to wear our “winter” wardrobe.  

Welcome, New Staff!


     Adam Greenhow was a visiting volunteer in November and December.  He came to us from Windsor, Ontario to help with hurricane clean up.  He fell in love with the ministry and decided he wanted to come back on a more permanent basis.  He is helping with maintenance.



     Celine Barr is from Andros, a family island between Nassau and the United States.  She is with us as a volunteer facilitator at the Centre.  She loves children and fell in love with the ALC when she was here in November for a visit and followed programming at the Centre.  Please pray for Celine as she learns her new role and as she seeks supporters to help fund her ministry here.

     Welcome back, Bob and Faye Browning! They have been coming to Nassau for over ten years.  They come to snowbird here from January to March and are a huge help to all of us here at ALC&C.

Camp Update


     Logan’s girlfriend, Anna Heinrich, came for a week at the end of December.  This was her first trip to visit us here in The Bahamas.  We enjoyed having her here and Logan enjoyed showing her the ministry and where he lived.


     Marcia Harvey is a dear friend and made it by to see Logan and Zachary before they left the island.  Marcia is Faye Browning’s cousin and a supporter of the ALC&C.

     Two Calvary Chapel Academy 8th grade mission trips were here Wednesday-Sunday the first two weeks of January.  Each team had more than 96 people on the trip.  The trip theme is “Knowing God and Making Him Known”.  It is a purposeful and evangelistic focus mission trip, and the young people experience ministry at schools, Adventure Learning Centre, Hopedale Centre, All Saints, Children’s Emergency Hostel, other orphanages, and of course an opportunity for evangelism downtown.

     Keegan O’Leary came to help out on the first Calvary Chapel Academy trip for 5 days but ended up staying with us for almost 4 weeks.  He helped with both CCA groups and then helped us cook for Taylor University and for our Young Adult Weekend.  We sent him home this past weekend and miss him already.  We hope he comes back soon.  He was a huge help to us!


     This is Marty Fanning and his wife Christina.  Marty has been a leader on the CCA 8th grade mission trip for years.  He was just recently married, and this is his wife’s first trip.  We got to host them in our house during the second week of the CCA 8th grade trip.


     Celine (center) got an over night visit from her two sisters, Anika and Amanda Barr.  We had the girls with us for only a very short time, but we love them like we love their dear sister. They had come from Andros and were flying out the next morning to go to the USA for school.


     John and Karol Paul are from New Hampshire where John is the pastor of a church.  They had been visiting our friends the Bryants on Andros.  The Bryants told them about the ALC&C, and we were able to host them a night while they got to know the ministry and waited for an early morning flight back to the USA.  They were a delightful couple, and we look forward to future relationships with them.

     Taylor University came to the Bahamas while Calvary Chapel was with us.  We were able to facilitate transportation for them between airports and hotels (we had no room at the Camp) as they spent their first week in San Salvador (a family island).  They returned to Nassau for their second week in the Bahamas and spent the week with us at the Camp.  The school was here on a J-term course on Small Island Sustainability.  This group was a great group.  It so happens that Taylor University was the group that was here 4 years ago when we first arrived on the island.  It was very special getting to serve this team again.



     Adam’s parents Richard and Judy Greenhow were in port on a cruise, and we were able to pick them up and bring them to ALC&C to see where Adam works.  Adam was encouraged by his parent’s visit and we enjoyed getting to know them.

     Dean and Karin Siler, John and Hannah Siler, and Rachel Siler were on island on a cruise.  We were able to pick them up at the port and take them out to lunch before bringing them back to the ALC&C for a quick tour.  We served for a short while together at Living Waters Bible Camp.

Young Adult Weekend

     Young Adult Weekend was scheduled for October 7-9, the weekend after the hurricane.  Because of damages from the storm and loss of power, the event had to be cancelled.  However, we rescheduled, and the event was held this past weekend.  We had a great group of young people.  Jay Seegert spoke on defending your faith.  The young people received valuable information they can use as they encounter an increasing hostile, humanistic world.

Cabin Update

     Thought you would like to see the first occupants of the new cabin.  Cabin 3 is finished (except the railing and benches on the porch).  The 8th grade girls of Calvary Christian Academy were the first to occupy the 20 bed cabin.

Centre Update


     Programme has resumed at the Centre.  We have not reached anywhere near the number of children we usually reach by this time of year due to the hurricane, but we hope to get as many school children in as possible the rest of the year.  Please pray for our facilitators as they train and work on programming and that more children will come to the Centre.  We are able to reach every child that comes to the Centre with the Gospel.  Pray also for Mark Wallace and Sam Robb (filling in as program director while Jen Rogers is off island for a sabbatical) as they work on getting more groups in (especially all 6th graders from New Providence government schools).


     Repairs are being made.  One of the most recent projects has been the roof repairs to the pavilion.  Work on the front fence is slated to be started when the mission team is here next week, and plans are being worked on for the repair of the board walk into the wetlands.  New, large trees were planted at the Centre where trees came down during the hurricane. Andy Cartwright continues to volunteer his time at ALC, and we appreciate the work he has done to improve the landscape of the property.  Please pray for the timely repairs of the property and that God continues to provide the funds for the repairs.  Please pray also for the repairs of the reverse osmosis system.  We are currently having to buy bottled water because the system is down.


     ALC new year babies! On January 1st, one of our goats gave birth to triplet goats.  It is always fun to see new life at the Centre.  Triplets are an even bigger blessing!

Ministry Opportunities


     You may remember us introducing Chriszantio Davis last month.  This young man was brought to us, and we have been able to minister to him on many levels.  One of which is helping him get glasses.  We noticed within hours of knowing him that he had poor eye sight.  Upon getting an eye exam, his eyes were -4.00 and -3.50.  He said he had not had glasses in over 10 years.  We were able to order him some glasses, and he received the “gift of sight” this past Wednesday.  Please pray for this young man.  He has recommitted his life to Christ this weekend and will be starting discipleship meetings with Pastor Moss at Kingdom Life Church.  

Marleigh’s Ministry…A mutual friend introduced us to Jill and Matt Gilmore who run a ministry that provides care packages for neonatal intensive care unit families.  The care packages include mother/baby items as well as a Bible and gospel message.  The Gillmores are parents of 7 children ages2-11 years old (the 4 youngest were premies) and were in Nassau on a cruise ship.  The ministry is named after their youngest child.  We were able to facilitate the delivery of 10 care packages to the Princess Margaret Hospital NICU here in Nassau with hopes of future deliveries.  The pastor at our church has expressed an interest in assisting us with this ministry and look at it as another opportunity to serve the Bahamian community and touch the lives of Bahamian people with the Gospel. 

     Bus driving…Mindy said she would never drive the buses here in Nassau for fear of having to back them up.  Because of needs with groups at Camp, she decided it was time to face her fears and learn.  Her first passengers (after driving the small bus a few times for practice and transporting luggage) were the Taylor University crew from the airport to a downtown hotel. She waited to tell them they were her first passengers until after they arrived at their destination safely.  The next week when Taylor was staying at Camp she transported them to many destinations.  She even had to learn to face her fear of backing up the large bus when she was misguided into a tight lane.

     Aaron continues to amaze us with all the projects he completes.  He is able to get so much done, and we are so thankful for his faithful service.

Personal Update

     We continue to work a lot.  We praise God for strong bodies.  The days can be long (6am-9pm, 7 days a week), but God always seems to meet us in our time of need.  We have been trying to be very purposeful with taking some time “off”.  There have been a couple days over the last month where we have locked our selves in and disconnected totally from the ministry.  Those days along with several evenings of down time have been refreshing and revitalizing.  Lord willing we will be taking a real vacation in late March.  We also plan to get away for a couple days to Andros in February to visit our friends and fellow missionaries, Dave and Sue Bryant.   Please pray for us that we get needed rest and honor our commitment to take care.

     We were so blessed to have the boys with us until January 5th and 7th.  It was hard saying good-bye  to them when we don’t know when we will be making it back up their way, but we are so thankful for Skype.  We have been blessed with several opportunities to “see” them via internet.

     Blessed with a day out!  Carolyn Guebert is the wife of the professor leading the Taylor University students.  Taylor University happened to be the first team we served when we arrived on island 4 years ago. We met Carolyn and Mike back then, and we have remained in contact via Facebook.  We were able to take a day and spend some time catching up.

Thank you for taking the time to get caught up with us and what is going on here at ALC&C!  We sincerely appreciate your support of us in your prayers, thoughts and financial contributions.  You are a blessing to us.  Please be in touch.  We enjoy hearing from you!

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