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The Refreshing Power of the Gospel

Our church has begun its journey through the book of Galatians.  We have benefitted from a steady diet of the Gospel these last several Sundays as Pastor Moss has spent worship services expositing the Apostle Paul’s admonition to the Galatians (and to us) to remain faithful to the one true Gospel.  The Gospel is purely, simply, strictly this:  Jesus Christ died, was buried and then rose again for our sins.  It is exclusively the faith and trust one places in Jesus’ work on the cross that redeems them and brings them into eternal fellowship with God their Creator.  Nothing else added to or taken away can define the Gospel or make the Gospel more effectual.  

The Gospel points us back to the glory of God and His sovereignty over all.  We find great peace, comfort and rest in knowing that God is in total control.  He is working out things in our lives (as seemingly insignificant as they may be in the grand scheme of life) for His glory and our good.  During this time of great busyness and pouring out of ourselves in ministry (sometimes weeks upon weeks at a time), getting to hear and be reminded of the Gospel that we cling to refreshes us in ways that are hard to describe.  

Thank you Pastor Moss for your faithfulness to the Word and for weekly doses of encouragement!  You will never know how encouraging your expositing is week in and week out.

Help Needed!

The Adventure Learning Centre and Camp ministry makes a difference in lives of Bahamians: the Centre with its focus on outdoor education programs for Bahamian school children, after school Adventure Clubs, and Evangelical outreach Fun Days, and the Camp with its focus on youth outreaches, providing retreat facilities for Bahamian churches, and serving foreign mission teams that are here to serve the Bahamian people.  

How would you like to join us and help us minister to the Bahamian people and those here to serve the Bahamian people?  We are looking for qualified, missionary-minded individuals who desire to bring glory to God through hard work and initiative.  We are looking for full time staff:

Maintenance staff (diesel mechanic skills a plus)

Facilitators (run and maintain outdoor education programs)

We are also looking for summer time help:

Camp Assistants We are looking for 2 people who would be willing to come help us serve groups this summer (i.e., housekeeping, serve alongside our full-time cook in the kitchen, and do various hospitality jobs).  We prefer someone over 21 who is capable of learning to drive one of our buses, but anyone over 18 would be considered.  We are willing to train people for this and would prefer a more than 1 week at a time commitment. 

Day Camp Counselors to work 6 weeks at the Centre’s Summer Day Camp Program.


Red Bays, Andros

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You may recall in February we got away to Andros for a couple of days to rest and encourage fellow missionaries, Dave and Sue Bryant in Red Bays, Andros.  Sunday we took Adam Greenhow with us and flew back to Andros to get some time away to recharge and to help Dave and Sue build a chicken coop.  We enjoyed our time together.  During the days we worked (Tim and Adam building and Mindy working on this blog, organizing office work and connecting with future mission teams) and in the evenings we played, laughed and fellowshipped with the Bryants and the people they minister to there in Red Bays.  We were even able to help Dave and Sue by Tim speaking on Sunday evening at church, helping the neighborhood children with repairs, and working with the children on their school work.  What a blessing it is to be able to take some time away and fellowship and bless other missionaries.

Marleigh’s Ministry

You may recall from our January update that we have been connected with a couple from Wisconsin that has started a ministry called Marleigh’s Ministry.  It is a ministry that provides care packages for mothers of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit babies.  Jill and Matt Gilmore came to Nassau on a cruise in January, and we were able to connect them with Princess Margaret Hospital NICU to deliver care packages.  We are in conversation with Jill about her return to Nassau in May and about partnering with her to connect with Bahamas parents with NICU babies.  Each care package has items for mom and baby along with a Bible and tract.  It is our desire that the packages be delivered and facilitated with our local church here so the families of these babies have a contact follow-up here.  Please pray as we reach more Bahamian families with the love of Christ through their children.


Saying good-bye again.  This is the fifth time since we arrived 4 years ago that we have had to tell these two good-bye.  Bob and Faye Browning come every year for almost 3 months to encourage the ministry with their capable, willing, working hands.  They are such hard workers and are a huge blessing to the ministry.

We also said good-bye to Pat and Janice Armstrong.  They left to go to work at a Camp in upstate New York.  They served with us here at ALC&C (Pat at the Centre and Janice at the Camp) for over 2 years.  Their absence is felt.  We wish them well in their new position.


Kevin has been an employee of Camp now for over a month.  His culinary skills along with his organization, cleaning and time management skills have made him the perfect Camp cook.  We have also been working with him on other details of food service management, and he is doing a fantastic job.  We are amazed and proud of him.

You may remember us introducing Andy Cartwright in previous posts.  He is a local Bahamian business man (landscaper) who volunteers at the Centre.  His wife Keri has recently started volunteering her time at the Camp.  Faye showed her how to do Camp laundry and how we clean the Camp between guest groups.  We are so thankful for Keri’s volunteer service to the ALC&C.

Environmental Impact

Environmental and health nightmare.  The dump started burning on Sunday, March 5, and it has been smoldering ever since.  The toxic fumes wafted through the air causing breathing difficulties, shutting down schools, forcing people out of their homes, and causing who knows what kind of environmental impact.  It is really very sad to see things like this happen to this beautiful, tiny little island.  Please pray for those affected and that it does not happen again.

Drinking Water Issues

Water issues persist at the Camp and Centre.  Tim has been working very hard at getting this resolved.  A local water expert has been on site to assist in the design of the new system and repairs of the reverse osmosis system.  Because things are not fixed yet, we continue to have to purchase bottled water.  Please pray that things come together soon.

Centre Update


Adventure Learning Centre exists to bring the message of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross to the people of the Bahamas. It is our desire to see the families of this country come to Christ, and we believe it starts with the children. Through each child’s imagination and curiosity, the Adventure Learning Centre provides them with hands-on experience to discover God’s creation. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me, and do not forbid them; for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Please pray for the staff as they continue the ministry work at the Centre and for the children they serve.

Mark Wallace continues to bring in 6th graders almost every day for the planetarium program.  We are hoping to reach all the government school 6th grade classes again this year.  We are also bringing in preschool groups and other younger grades for outdoor education programs.  

Easter Monday Funday

Easter Monday Funday is quickly approaching and facilitator staff, under the direction of our event coordinator, Tika Penn, have been very busy making preparations.  It is one of the 2 fundraiser events we have each year.  It is a family fun day, fundraiser and opportunity for us to present the Gospel to the community.  Please pray for the event.

Camp Update


Once again God sustained us through 5+ 7-day ministry work weeks (some days were 12-15 hour days).  As you can probably tell, mid-February till the end of March is one of our busy seasons.  It was draining physically, but the groups were all great and we enjoyed serving them. 

February 25 to March 4, 2017 Hood Canal Community Church from Hoods Port, Washington was on island for their mission trip.  The group of 24 served at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, Blairwood Academy/Bahamas Downs Syndrome, ALCentre, and Bahamas Assoc of Physically Disabled.  They helped complete the portion of the boardwalk into the wetlands as far as the observation tower.  This is a blessing as it has gotten us another step closer to being better than we were before Hurricane Matthew.

Students from James Madison University come ever spring to volunteer with the athletic department at Uriah McPhee primary school.  They were with us again this year on March 3-10.

Tim’s parents Lee and Jan Seeley came for a week long visit again this spring.  They are such a  huge blessing encouragement to all of us.  They blessed staff a couple nights with meals and time of fellowship.

Theo and Ruth Habel are friends of Jen, Aaron and us that we knew from the past ministry we worked at, Living Waters Bible Camp.  They are also good friends and supporters of the ALC&C.  Theo was instrumental in getting the ALCentre planetarium going and Ruth was Camp Director for a few years in the late 1990’s.  They were here March 6-15 to encourage, see the ministry and volunteer their time.

Micah Godsey is no stranger to ALC&C.  In fact she spent a gap year here last year and was a facilitator at the Centre.  She came for a visit March 8-20.  This was her first trip back since she left last August.  Seeing the landscape changes from Hurricane Matthew brought tears to her eyes.

Lena McGee and her two sons (one of the boys is not pictured because he was being shy) came through on a cruise.  Lena used to teach 8th graders at Calvary Christian Academy and came here a couple years on their eighth grade mission trip.  We picked them up at the port and brought them to ALC&C to see the ministry.

The King’s Academy (TKA) from Florence, South Carolina came March 11-18.  This is their 5th year coming to Nassau on a mission trip.  The school takes one week every year and sends all the students out on mission trips, local and abroad.  The young people served at the Centre, Bahamas Association of Physically Disabled, Hopedale Centre, United Alliance Church, and Children’s Emergency Hostel.  

Mission Discovery usually brings teams in the summer.  This year they brought a spring break team.  A group of 22 young men from a Christian (not in name) club at Texas A&M came March 11-17 to serve at Sadie Curtis Primary School and Blairwood Academy.  They did work projects at both schools and ministered to children.  This group of young men were a huge encouragement to our staff as they had such sweet, giving, serving spirits.

Steve and Cheryl Hargraves from London, Ontario, Canada were on a mission team with West London Alliance Church (Bob and Faye’s church) 2 years ago.  They were in Nassau on a cruise on March 17 and came to the ALC&C to see us.  It was a blessing to get to reconnect with them.

On March 17-24, Woodlands Church in Stevens Point, Wisconsin were here for their third senior high mission trip to the Bahamas.  The team served at United Alliance Church (Pastor Bazile’s church), BAPD, All Saints, C.W. Sawyer Middle School and Grace Community Church.

Nathaniel Loge and his daughter Bailey came on Sunday, March 19th and left on Sunday, March 26.  Tim’s sister Becky did not know the Loges but someone at their church put them in touch with Becky who then put them in touch with ALC&C.   Nathaniel helped Adam with construction projects, Tim with digging trenches and making a concrete slab for the new water tank, and post-group cleaning projects. Bailey helped Garnet with the animals.  There is talk of the Loges bringing mom and 2 siblings back to Nassau this summer to help with Summer Day Camp and/or serve mission teams at the Camp.  We would gladly welcome this servant minded father-daughter duo. They were a huge blessing to us, and we enjoyed getting to know them.


We continue to average 20-30 young people at our Friday night Youth Night.  This semester has been really encouraging to us as the younger ALC&C staff have stepped up and taken ownership and leadership of the outreach.  Thank you Jesse, Eva, Debbie, Celine, Adam, Kenny, Tika, and Elton for your hard work and dedication!   We have also had some great evenings where mission teams have lead the activities and challenges for the evening.  Please pray for our young people that lead and for the youth as they come.


We had yet another accident wake us up in the middle of the night last week.  This time a young woman who was driving under the influence hit our fence (thankfully not by the gate this time), ricocheted off the fence and swerved across the street hitting the brick wall and  landing on the sidewalk.  We continue to try to work with the electric company and Ministry of Works to address the unsafe curve and poor lighting, but nothing seems to be happening. Please pray something happens soon.  Also at issue is the leaning power poll that is out front of the Camp.  BEC needs to address that as well. In the mean time, we do what we can, and that includes adding a solar rope light in the shape of an arrow on the from fence.

Misc Projects

Aaron has been plodding away at many tasks at Camp.  Working on the front gate at Camp and the Centre, fixing broken faucets/cabinets/etc, installing new can openers in the kitchen, building a hand washing sink in the dining hall, and building table racks in the dining hall are just some of the small jobs he has been working on.  He has been doing a lot more than that, but he is often so quiet about what he is doing, we don’t catch him in the act.  We appreciate all he does. He is a blessing.

Seeley Update

Now the fun, personal news (and 1 picture of the grand baby because we have to do it!).

The Tim and Mindy Seeley Clan is about to get bigger, and with this addition, the Seeley females will finally balance out the Seeley males!  This is 28 years in the making.

 Our son, Logan, proposed to his girlfriend, Anna Heinrich on March 15 in front of an old Shakespeare book store in Paris, France.  Anna’s father lives in Germany and the kids had been there for spring break (and obviously to get engaged).  Congratulations, Logan and Anna!

Anastasia continues to grow and develop.  We are looking forward to getting to see her in a month when we go back to the States to attend Logan’s college graduation.  It is hard to believe she is already 7 months old.

As we conclude another very long update, we want to thank you for your continued support of us (in prayer, financial giving, and in your thoughts of us).  We are blessed and encouraged as we consider how God brings people into our lives to partner with us in the work He has called us to do here.  

May God bless you!

Tim and Mindy Seeley




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