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“Out of Office”

As leaders of a ministry, do we really get to get “out of the office”?  Not really. But we are trying, and the scenery we are enjoying is definitely different.  Even now as we visit with family and friends in Minnesota, love on our granddaughter, shop for/sort through/pack/re-pack supplies (for personal and ministry), and rest, we are continuing our communication with the ALC staff over issues and with mission teams that will be arriving at the ALCamp while we are gone and shortly after we return.   We are also pulling together a presentation to present to our sending church whom we will be visiting next Sunday.

Because we are trying to rest, celebrate our son’s college graduation, enjoy time with family, and recuperate from a very busy season, we have chosen not to spend one of our precious few days putting together a blog post for this month.  These posts, though necessary and appreciated by many of our supporters, usually take a full day to pull together, and time is so precious.  Please excuse us for letting it go this month and enjoying the time spent with family (especially the snuggles and love from our dear Anastasia).  We will catch you all up on “April” news in the May update.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers:

Ministry work at ALC&C

Staffing needs at ALC&C:  


Facilitators at the Centre

Summer Camp Assistant

Summer Day Camp Staff

Our travels between Minnesota and Indiana (we will be taking a few days away next week and end up in Indiana to pick up Zachary to bring him to Minnesota for Logan’s graduation)

Time of rest and relaxation

Logan’s graduation

The 2 mission teams that arrive at ALC while we are gone and the staff that will be taking over for us.

Thank you for your continued interest in us and the ministry work we do.

Tim and Mindy Seeley

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