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Two Months Worth

(Note: Prayer requests are marked in bold letters throughout the update)

For those of you who are new to receiving our updates,  our updates are very thorough, and we try to mention and post a picture of everyone who comes to ALC&C.  We missed April’s update because we were in Minnesota on break.  So, here is April and May’s update.  It is lengthy, but since there are a lot of pictures, it should go by quickly.

Help Needed!!!

Is God calling you into full time ministry?  Pray that God would send gifted, equipped servants to fill the following short term and long term positions.  It might even be you!

Full time Maintenance.  With the departure of Pat in March and Jesse just this last week, the job of full time maintenance at the Centre is in the hands of Tim (as Maintenance Director over both sides of the ministry), Adam Greenhow, and to some extent, Aaron Mills.    Adam will be gone July and August for prior-to-coming here commitments but plans to return in September.   Please pray that God sends us a mission minded person with gifting in construction, general maintenance and automobile mechanics. 

Summer Day Camp Staff.   The Centre is looking for counselors to help with the  Day Camp program. Please pray God sends the mature, godly staff of young people needed to help with this program.

Full time Adventure Learning Centre Facilitators.  Please pray for facilitator staff for the fall.  If you or someone you know would like to come and serve as a facilitator for a semester or year, we are looking for mission minded young people (or older persons) who have a heart to glorify God, to reach Bahamians with the Gospel through the teaching of outdoor education programs and various other ministry opportunities on and off-site, and to minister to young people in conjunction with the ministry at the Adventure Learning Camp.  Please let us know your interest and we will be glad to connect you to the right people.

Summer Adventure Learning Camp Assistant.  We are looking for a couple of people to come and minister on site at the Camp side of the ALC&C ministry this summer.  We could use someone to help serve mission teams as well as help maintain the property.  Please  pray God sends us the right persons to assist in this area.

Ministry Life

Besides the “normal” day to day work and ministry opportunities…

Tim continues to battle through the ALC&C’s water system issues that resulted from Hurricane Matthew storm surge damage.  It is complicated to explain, so suffice it to say, there is a LOT involved in getting this project done, and it has a taken a lot of his time and labor.  He hopes to have it done soon so we are not having to buy bottled water.  Please pray for this endeavor.

I spent much of my time from the end of March until the end of April planning for the mission teams arriving while we were off island (2 teams arrived while we were gone and one arrived the day after we returned) and preparing training for the staff that would lead the mission teams.  It took a lot of time, but the work put into it laid the ground work for future “substitutes” and allowed for smooth transitions.

Donny and his wife Barbara (not pictured) are a Bahamian couple that own a home on the upper east side of the island.  Tim knows Donny from a monthly lunch he attends at a doctor’ house here on the island. We will be care taking Donny and Barbara’s house while they are off island.  The purpose of our care taking their house is to get the house ready for Randy and Kim Grebe to use when they and their daughters come to the island in July.  Operation Mobilization’s ship, Logos Hope, will be in the Nassau port the month of July.

We meet as staff for devotions every weekday morning.  Recently we began using Monday mornings for staff meetings.  The 30 minute weekly meeting is designed to communicate what is going on and what the plans are for the next week.  So far it has been a great communication tool.  Please pray for staff as they function in their roles, for wisdom, discernment, and divine guidance in their dealings with others, for their physical/emotional/spiritual needs, and for overall unity as a team.  As with any “team” or family, there are struggles in the ALC&C staff family as well.  There are a lot of great things going on here for the cause of Christ, and Satan is attacking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have gotten to have some fun times as staff over the last month.  Living in community has its benefits.

Special, special, special shout-out to all our young people who have been such a huge help to us!  Celine has spent countless hours cleaning our very neglected home (best housekeeper we have ever hired!); Adam has helped with odd jobs (including taking initiative to clean vehicles- ours as well as Camp/Centre’s), and several staff took over leadership of the Camp and mission teams while we were away in Minnesota.  Thank you, Debbie, Adam, Kevin, Celine, Eva, and Aaron, for all your hard work.  We greatly appreciate it!

Special thank you also to ALC&C volunteers, Andy, Keri and Alyssa Cartwright!  Andy has volunteered time at the Centre working with the landscaping.  Keri and Alyssa have spent many hours cleaning and doing laundry at Camp. 

From roof repairs (thank you, Matthew!), to electrical issues, to facilitating mission team work projects, to the Camp office remodeling project, Aaron has been working on several projects.

Lisa Moss is no stranger to us.  She is the former secretary at Abundant Life Bible Church.  She came by to share her ministry work with Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Pray for her as she seeks to raise support to work among her own people.

Mrs. Vanisa Godet is new to our congregation at Kingdom Life Church.  She is newly married to one of our fellow KLC church members and has recently moved to Nassau. We had a chance to welcome Vanisa with a lady’s social at church. Please pray for her as she adjusts to life in a new country.

For the third year in a row (and right during Easter Monday Funday preparations), we had to pull out fire fighting equipment and fight fires that threatened our property.  Thankfully the fire was contained within a day.  We were able to use the new fire equipment we obtained.

Divine appointments…we were able to “serve” more people God brought across our paths. We have been attending discipleship training classes on Wednesday nights at our church. These 2 couples are pastors of a church in Texas and were on island for vacation.  They found our church and attended Wednesday evening.  We were able to take them back to their hotel after taking a detour to show them Marina Village and experience Junkanoo.  They were an encouragement to us and offered prayers for us.

ALCamp Update


Phil and Terri Barker (left) and Tim and Kim Olson from the Wausau, Wisconsin area were on island celebrating the Olson’s 25th wedding anniversary.  Phil and Terri were missionaries here in Nassau for 9 years in the early 2000’s, so they were the perfect tour guides.  One of their stops was here at ALC&C.

Kiwanis Key Leadership retreat was held here at Camp April 7-9.  The young people from several locations in the Bahamas were on site to attend team building and leadership seminars. Building tomorrow’s leaders is our passion, so we were excited to host this group.

David and Gail Herwerden came and served alongside us from April 12-28.  They were here in November for 2 weeks as well. David is a mechanic, and when we called to let him know our buses were “sick” and some ministry/staff vehicles were in need of some tlc, he came and brought his sweet, encouraging wife with him.  David worked on the vehicles, and Gail helped me do some huge organization projects that have been needing done for a while as well as painting and cleaning projects and literally worked on keeping me on task at jobs I needed to do to get ready for groups coming while we were gone.  I don’t know what we would have done without these two.  They were a HUGE help, blessing and encouragement!

Biz Mair is a friend of ours from Minnesota.  He came for a week in April and helped out with odd jobs as well as with Easter Monday Funday.  We enjoyed the time we got to spend with him and for all his help.  

Bob and Donna Mastin (far left in left picture) led a mission team (David Hurley, Erika/Kimberly/ Josh Donahue) to Nassau to conduct a soccer camp outreach.  While on island, we were able to spend an evening with the team.  Later in the week, we met up with Bob and Donna and another Nassau based missionary couple and talked “mission work”.  John and Karen Stodgehill (foreground of right picture) have been on island now for a few months.  It was a fun evening and a great time to connect, share stories and help Bob and Donna brainstorm as they too will be coming to the island in October to serve full time here in The Bahamas.

Friends and fellow missionaries from Andros, David and Sue Bryant, have been on island a few times in the last month.  They are working on obtaining paper work for the people they serve as well as taking care of other important tasks.  We help them when we can with transportation needs, food and lodging while here in Nassau.  They are a great encouragement to us.

Rebekah Rockafield came to serve at ALC for about 5 days in late April.  She is a friend of Jesse Keizer and wanted to experience time serving at a ministry in The Bahamas during part of her stay on the island.  Her work with the horses and in other areas was greatly appreciated.

Celine’s brother Nathaniel and mother Agnes were at ALCamp to visit in early May.  We were not on the island at the time, so we missed getting to see them, but their presence was a blessing and encouragement to Celine.  We look forward to their return when we are not off island.

A group of 8 from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee arrived on May 7 for a 9 day mission trip to serve with Bahamas Godparent Centre.  They were able to experience many things while serving the Godparent Centre.  They also got to do work projects here at the Camp for a day.  Our staff did a great job serving these young people, and we were able to meet them on their last day here.

A team of 12 from East Central University Baptist Student Union came for their 12 day mission trip on Thursday, May 11.  This dynamic team ministered at Hopedale Centre, ALC&C, Bahamas Assoc. of Physically Disabled, Kingsway Academy, Williemae Pratt Centre for girls, and Kingdom Life Church.  They also got to lead our Friday night Youth Night. Like the Bryan College group, they arrived while we were gone, but we were able to serve them for a week after we returned.

Life Church from Richmond, Virginia were here May 16-20. This is their third year coming and serving the Bahamian people on a mission trip.  Pastor Vernon Gordon (far right) is the leader and pastor of this awesome team.  They served at Children’s Emergency Hostel, ALC&C (painting projects, construction of fences, helped repair Hurricane Matthew damage to the sign at end of Marshall Road, and so much more), BAPD, C.H. Reeves Middle School.

Youth Night

The numbers of youth attending our Friday night Youth Night have dropped a bit, but we continue to have great opportunities to touch the lives of Bahamian youth.  This past weekend, a group of us leaders gathered to discuss the year past and strategies for impacting the youth starting again this coming fall.  Mission teams that are here during Friday evenings get the opportunity to work with the youth, and this mission team interaction has been well received by the youth. 

ALCentre Update


As of May 29th, 5943 Bahamian children were reached with the Gospel through the educational programming at Adventure Learning Centre!   Despite being nearly 3000 shy of our previous years numbers, we are quite thankful for the opportunities we have had to reach children with the Gospel especially in light of the fact that Hurricane Matthew caused loss program days for nearly 1 1/2 months.  God is still working.  Praise God for those we have ministered to this year, and pray that God will water the seeds of the Gospel presented to every one who has been to Adventure Learning Centre this year and years previous.

Easter Monday Funday

We had about 1400 people attend our annual Easter Monday Funday.  Along with our Christmas Lights Drive Thru, Easter Monday Funday is one of our annual fundraising, Gospel-outreach, family fun days.  It takes a lot of time, effort and volunteer help to run this event.  It was a beautiful day enjoyed by many.

  Petting Farm Update

Volunteer, Andy Cartwright, has been managing the work being done on the petting farm revitalization.  Irrigation installation is underway.  When all is said and done, and we have had a couple seasons of growing, the petting farm is going to look beautiful again.

Summer Day Camp 

This year’s theme for Summer Day Camp at the Centre is “Circus”.  Preparations are underway for a very exciting summer for Bahamian children.  Please pray for preparations, acquiring staff, the children that will be attending, and for the ministry that takes place during the hot summer days.


No personal update this month…  If you made it this far in the update, give yourself a round of applause.  This was a long update.  We appreciate the time you took to get caught up on what is happening with us here at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.

Thank you and God bless you!
Tim and Mindy Seeley



  1. MooMa says:

    Great deal of information, thank you. We continue to pray for you all as you serve.

  2. dave and gail says:

    you guys are amazing. thanks for the update…. Enjoy your summertime!!!

  3. Theo Habel says:

    I pray every day for the camp and center and specifically for all the individuals we know.
    May God bless and energize you and the ministry.

  4. Wow. So much going on and so many lives touched. God bless you as you continue to seek His will both from a programming perspective and a people perspective. His plan is already set. It’s now ours to discover.

  5. Yvonne Eaton says:

    Praising God for His power to sustain you through all He has called you to do! Praying for you!

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