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Humility and Hospitality In Action

While on our retreat for two weeks at Adirondack Bible Chapel Ministry Center in upstate New York earlier this month, we had a lot of time to study/read God’s Word, attend devotions and Bible studies, contemplate and talk about our past and future, and rub shoulders with the people at a church and ministry that knows well how to “do” or “be a” church and ministry.  The two things that stuck out the most to us is the humility in the leadership of the church and Ministry Center (the church stewards a ministry that serves people in crisis) and hospitality of the individuals in the the church body as well as the church/ministry as a whole. 

Recently we read an article from Puritan Thomas Watson.  It said:

“A humble man is willing to have his name and gifts eclipsed, so that God’s glory may be increased. He is content to be outshone by others in gifts and esteem, so that the crown of Christ may shine the brighter. . . A humble Christian is content to be laid aside if God has any other tools to work with which may bring him more glory.” 

In speaking with the retiring pastor, new pastor, and others at the church, we sensed a humble god-honoring approach to leading the flock at ABC and the Ministry Center.   They exemplified well what Thomas Watson said, and it was an encouragement to us.  Furthermore, humility is exemplified in their emphasis on the “body” vs emphasis on the “individual” person(s).  We have never seen a church that describes their staff as the entire congregation.  On their website, under “staff”, you will not find individuals pictured/listed but rather the entire congregation  is pictured (  

Hospitality and the edification and building-up of one another was also evident.  They welcomed us in; they came together regularly for times of Bible study, prayer, meals; the entire church seemed plugged in and engaged with the Ministry Center; they helped one another and took genuine interest in the lives of each other.  There was a sense of true community.  We feel hospitality is one of our gifts, but seeing this church in action taught us a lot of how to do hospitality better.   

We appreciate the time we had at ABC Ministry Center.  We have been impacted and blessed by the love, generosity, care, and service of the dear people at this church.   With hearts full of gratitude, we continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers.

Where We Have Been

We are currently on the last weeks of our busy fall tour. We have had some awesome visits with supporters, past mission teams, friends and family. Along our journeys, God has given us some awesome opportunities to rest and learn/understand more about Him, ourselves and what it is to do ministry and be a church.  Despite the great fellowship with others, one could say we are a bit road weary, tired of living out of a suitcases and looking forward to settling down.  Settling down (if the Lord wills) will begin December 9th.

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As we mentioned, we began the month in Speculator, NY at Adirondack Bible Chapel (ABC) and Ministry Center.  ABC has been a strong, faithful supporter of ours for many years.  They strongly support missions and have been very generous and caring towards us.  

We were able to spend a weekend in the Cleveland, OH area with our friends David and Gail Herwerden and members from Grace CMA church that came to Nassau for mission trips this past summer and in 2016.   Dave and Gail have been to Nassau to volunteer on several occasions.

In La Crosse, WI we were able to spend some time with Rich and Karen Maurer (pastor from our sending church), and supporters/ministry partners Theo and Ruth Habel.   

We were able to visit with 3 of our sons and their families and our daughter in law Katie.    We treasure every opportunity we have to visit and pour into these young people.  Please pray with us for each one of them.

We were able to connect briefly with the Loge family.  They live near our parents in Minnesota and have been to Nassau often to serve at the ALC&C

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Thanksgiving Day was spent as a family at a local restaurant followed by a mini-celebration of Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary (which was that day).  Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you for the godly heritage, love, care, support, generosity, (and the list could go on) you have given all of us.  We love you!

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One of the events of this fall that was planned over 2 years ago was a reunion with our parents for their 60th wedding anniversary.  Tim’s parents celebrated 60 years of marriage surrounded by their 3 children and their spouses, and all but a few of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Festivities began on Thanksgiving Day and continued through the weekend.  Though many became ill with a nasty stomach virus (some still are getting sick), we all had a great time together celebrating Mom and Dad, playing together, talking, laughing, and of course eating. 

This week we are spending time with my (Mindy’s) parents in Indiana.  We will be here until we leave on December 6th to go to Tennessee to attend the wedding of Cranston Knowles (good friend of ours from Nassau and board member of ALC&C) and Susanna Flanders on December 7th.  

With Thanksgiving

Ultimately anything accomplished in us or through us, any life touched, any soul brought to Christ, any seed sown, or any project completed is a result of the grace of God.    Although we recognize this sufficiency of God and give him all the glory, we recognize that God has used others to help us and materially equip us to do the work He has called us to do. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported us and partnered with us in our full-time ministry work these past nearly 10 years.  We pray for you and will continue to do so as God brings you to mind.

We still do not know where God is leading us next, but we do have plans for the immediate future, and those plans include returning to South Carolina to live with my sister and brother in law.   We will continue working with and mentoring some young people that God has brought into our lives while we wait for direction from God.  We will keep you posted on what happens.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Mission Accomplished, Mission Accomplishing

Mission Accomplished

Even ahead of our two-week hiatus (more on that in a moment), we have already had a lot of quiet road trip time with which to think and contemplate.  As we have spent time thinking over our time in the Bahamas, God has revealed some things to us.  We have seen that our mission has never been to build a ministry, but rather, our mission has been to impact lives.

Whether it was the hundreds of people that came to us through the gates of Adventure Learning Camp (on mission trips, local retreats, Friday night youth night, local visitors, tourist visits, or foreign missionary staff) or the people that we interacted with while helping at the Centre or the people we met in the community or at Kingdom Life Church, God brought people into our lives to minister to and impact for Him and His Kingdom.

With the blessing of getting to impact lives for the Kingdom, God has also blessed us with the enrichment that comes from meeting and knowing so many great people from the Bahamas and from around the world.  We have forever been changed, and we praise God for the lessons learned.

As we continue to contemplate our past opportunities to serve God and what God has in store for us in the future, we look forward to unpacking more insights into what our mission was all about and what is to come.  As the Lord reveals and allows, we look forward to sharing this with you in future blogs, so stay tuned.  God is indeed at work, and it is exciting!

Mission Accomplishing

These 4 special Bahamian young people (Celine Barr, Elton Deetjen, Kentario Mackenzie and Kevin Poitier) are like our kids to us.  This “family” picture is even a part of our family photo gallery in our sitting room, and we use it as a constant reminder to pray for them as we do for our own children.  We have a vested interest in their lives and will continue to pour and speak into their lives as the Lord allows.  Geography may separate us, but we continue to use technology to remain connected with them. 

A Season of Travel begins (Part I)

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October began with a trip to Orlando, Florida to attend Sovereign Grace Ministries annual pastor’s conference.  The time was refreshing for us as we reconnected with friends and enjoyed great worship music, preaching, and fellowship.  We even got to spend a very special meal with our Bahamas’ pastor and our pastor at our new church.

Last fall we planned ahead to this year’s vacation.  Following the Pastor’s conference (We could have not planned this better if we had tried.  God worked this all out perfectly.), we drove 3 hours south from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where our friends (Marty and Kristina Fanning) babysat our car and took us to the airport to fly to Quebec City for our vacation.  Following our vacation, Mike and Kori Ellis picked us up at the port in Fort Lauderdale, and we got to attend church with them and eat lunch with them before heading back to South Carolina.

A Season of Travel (Part II)

Following our vacation, we prepared for part 2 of our busy fall traveling schedule with plans to connect with supporters, past mission teams/ministry staff, and family/friends.  Our first stop was in Corbin, KY to see Tim’s cousin and drop off the table we used while in the Bahamas. We then drove north to Windsor, Ontario.   While in Windsor, Ontario, we attended the wedding of Adam Greenhow and Stephanie Wittmer on October 27th.  The wedding was beautiful, and we enjoyed celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Greenhow.  Following the wedding weekend and visiting with supporters at Grace and Truth Chapel of Windsor on Sunday evening, we headed to London, Ontario to visit with Bob and Faye Browning and past mission team members from West London Missionary Alliance Church. 

What is ahead

We will be continuing our travels to Toronto to visit a supporter and then on to a ministry center for a time of concentrated and focused (ie- totally disconnected from media, outside connections, etc.) communion with God as we debrief what we have done these past nearly 10 years and seek Him for guidance and direction for the next stage of our lives.   Before heading back home to Charleston, South Carolina on December 8th, we will be traveling to Minnesota and Indiana to see both sets of parents and our children and then to Tennessee to attend a wedding.  Please continue to pray for us as we travel, and that God would meet with us as we set time apart to pray and seek Him.

Contacting us

We have been asked for our contact information.  Here it is:


Cellphone:  Tim (843) 714-7838,  Mindy (843) 209-6657

Snail Mail:   408 W. 7th North St.,   Summerville, SC   29483

Please note that on November 2nd we will be going “dark” (limited internet, no social media, no phone/text/email conversations) for 2 weeks.  We will be spending these 2 weeks praying, studying, reflecting, and seeking God’s guidance.   Of course we understand that God can use kind, inspirational words and scripture from others to bless and encourage us.  Because that is true and because we use email to receive daily updates during our devotional times, we will likely be checking emails (NOT for the purpose of correspondence of course).  So, please feel free to email us if God lays something on your heart (we just won’t respond).

If you need to get a hold of us for any reason, please contact Mindy’s sister Melissa at 843-499-1125. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our lives and ministry work.  Your prayers for us, the money you have donated to us, and the time you spent reading about us and what God is doing through us may not be totally understood and seen by any other human being, but God knows and sees what you have done.  It is a great source of encouragement to us, and we are grateful to you.  We pray for God’s blessings on you as you have so richly blessed us.

Tim and Mindy


Out of the Fishbowl

He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.

I Thessalonians 5:24 (ESV)

In 2009 we moved into camp housing at Living Waters Bible Camp and lived on site at the Camp as we served there.  In January 2013, we moved to Adventure Learning Camp in the Bahamas and lived on site  until our departure at the end of last month.

While living and working at ALC&C, we were essentially “on the clock” 24/7.  Down time was rare.  This “fishbowl” living, as we liked to call it, was very convenient, but it was also physically and emotionally challenging.  Whereas it was great to be available when guests needed something (we never felt bothered by guests that needed us–an act of God’s grace in and of itself) or when there was an emergency situation, being on the clock constantly was very taxing to our bodies.

As we have relocated back to the States and have taken up residence in a much quieter, less demanding surrounding, we have begun to understand how tiring fishbowl living is.  We have begun to unwind and re-learn what it is to relax.  The first couple weeks were “weird”, and we have had to fight back the feelings of  “I know I need to be doing something right now?”

God has granted us peace, calmness and feelings of less stress.  Knots, aches and pains that were present for months have started to subside.  Although we pray for and are open to any “work” or ministry opportunities God brings into our path, we look forward to more rest and opportunity to recharge as we wait for direction from God.

The Last Week and Good-bye Tour

In the weeks leading up to our departure from our residence at ALCamp on August 28th, we had a lot of meetings with people to say good-bye (those are pictured in last month’s blog).  The good-bye tour continued until the day we departed.  Here are some of those moments…

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Kingdom Life Church:  Sunday, September 2nd was our last day with our church family at Kingdom Life Church.  We had a time of food and fellowship followed by a touching time of kind words of encouragement, prayer and parting gifts.  We are going to miss KLC and were greatly touched by our time together.

Mark and Kim Wallace family.  We were able to take a few minutes on Sunday the 2nd to stop in and say good bye to fellow ALC staff and his family.  It has been great getting to see these kids grow up.

Teddy and Yvonne Bootle.  Teddy and Yvonne are dear friends and former Joy Bible Camp friends that we have worked with over the years on our Friday night Youth Outreach.  We met them at this exact restaurant (Checkers) in late 2013.  

Yreille Belizaire.  No good-bye tour would be complete without a meal with this dear servant of God.  This woman is a missionary that not only spreads the Gospel to her own people in the Bahamas but also to people all around the world.  This woman is fascinating and we are blessed to call her our sister and friend.  She was our first “Joy Bible Camp” contact that first year we moved to Nassau.  Because of her, we met other JBC people and began the partnership that lead to our Friday night Youth Outreach.

Moya Strachan and her daughter Robyn.  Moya and her daughter Robyn are faithful attendees of our Friday night Youth Night.  Moya was part of Joy Bible Camp back in the day and was one of our co-leaders.  We had not had the opportunity to tell them good-bye when we had the other JBC staff over, so we made a point to stop in and see them at the school where she teaches and Robyn is a student.

Calvin and Keisha Dean family.  This family attended our church.  They were off island for 4 years living in Freeport and had just recently returned.  We took the opportunity to catch up with them and tell them good-bye.

We requested there be no dinner or going away party for us from ALC (We don’t like hoopla.  Also the ministry had had a going away dinner for Sam in August, and we did not want the financial burden on the ministry for an added dinner/party).  What we did request is one last devotion time with the ALC staff.  The day before we departed, we showed up for devotions, but it was the first real day of staff training and Pastor Cranston spoke instead.  Cranston prayed for us after he spoke, and then we said a quick good-bye to the staff.

Mary and Joseph Canter.  This dear couple are parents-in-law to our ALC office manager, Eldora Canter.  We got to know these dear people when Zachary was still on island and spending a lot of time with Eldora’s son RJ.  We also got to spend time with them following the tragic death of their son.

One last good-bye to Ms. Ada.  After leaving ALC that morning of the 4th where she was not present for staff training, we knew we needed to stop in and tell her one last good-bye.  As we arrived to say good-bye, there were tears in all our eyes.  This “Bahamas mother” of ours means the world to us, and we are going to miss her.

KLC friend and sister in Christ, Oralee Johnson, was unable to attend church on Sunday, so we made it a point to stop in and tell her good-bye.  She is our pastor’s sister, and she and her husband were leaders of the small group we were a part of the first couple years we were in the Bahamas.

Colyn and Jan Roberts invited us to their home for lunch.  We first met this couple the first year we moved to Nassau when Tim’s parents came for a visit.  Their Brethren church is in the same circle of churches that Tim’s parents attend in Minneapolis, and Jan is cousin to very good friends of ours.

We had coffee with fellow missionaries, John and Karen Stodghill.   Some people become close friends right away, and this couple is one of those people.  We are going to miss them!

The first meal we ever had on the island when we arrived that first time in August 2012 was at this Wendy’s.  We felt it was the fitting place to eat our last meal on New Providence.  So we invited the kids to join us for the “last supper.”  

Celine Barr, Elton Deetjen, Kentario McKensie, and Kevin Poitier are the 4 young people we have invested a lot of time in over the years while in the Bahamas.  Leaving these kiddos behind was very difficult.  Spending our last evening on the island with them meant a lot to us.  We pray that God continues to work in their lives.

September 5, 2018:  Good-bye, Bahamas.  Hello, USA

Saying good-bye is never easy.  As we took off from New Providence for the last time, I (Mindy) was not prepared for how sad I was going to be.  Up until that time, I was looking forward to entering the next chapter, and because I knew what it took to get to that next chapter (we had to actually leave), I was looking forward to departure day.  As I filmed our departure from the island and realized that I was seeing the island possibly for the last time, I was taken over with emotion. It was a tearful good-bye.

Where Are We?

We have relocated to Charleston, SC area.  The reason we chose South Carolina and not Minnesota is mostly because Tim does not want to endure long, cold winters.  We are currently living with my sister, Melissa and her husband, Chuck.   We have so enjoyed the time of reconnecting with family and actually getting to spend time with them.  Tim’s younger sister and her family live only 3 1/2 hours away in Hickory, NC.  We have already gotten to drive up there to see them.  Also while in NC, we got to see Bahamian friends, Donny and Barbara Maura in Asheville.  

Next Steps

Since arriving in South Carolina, we have purchased a vehicle, settled into our new home, shopped for cool weather clothing, obtained our SC driver’s license, established residency, worked on personal matters that have been put on the back burner while away and tied up with the busyness of ministry life, and visited our new church.  You will notice that we have made no mention of settling into a routine schedule.  That is because, Lord willing, we will literally be gone for the next 8-10 weeks.  

As God would providentially have it, fall is going to be filled with times of rest, rejuvenation, re-entry debriefing, 2 weddings, a family reunion for Tim’s parent’s 60th wedding anniversary, and time with supporters/family/friends throughout the Midwest, East and even Florida.  During our time away, we will be taking some time to seek the Lord for the direction He would have us go in this next chapter of our lives. 

Please be in prayer for us with all the traveling we have planned and for wisdom and discernment for this next chapter of our lives.

Regarding support

Thank you for your faithful support of us and your interest in our lives and work.  We do not take any of you for granted.  God has been so good to us and so faithful.  We marvel daily.  

Over the next few months while we travel to rest/rejuvenate/connect with supporters/find direction, we are still in need of support.  If God lays it on your heart to donate towards us during this transition time, you may do so over the next 2 months (October and November)through Shepherd’s Staff Mission facilitators (link here).

Keep in touch.  We love to hear from you.

God bless,

Tim and Mindy Seeley




Passing the Baton

January 2013-August 2018

Since January 2013, we have had the awesome opportunity to serve at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  As we look back, we can’t help but see the hand of God in so many things.  It humbles us as we think how God has allowed us to be a part of what He is doing here.  We praise Him for the opportunities He has given us to serve, lead, learn and grow.

Our goal all along had been to mentor a Bahamian to take over for us.  We feel strongly that foreign missions is not permanent.  Nationals are better at reaching their own people, and as such, we feel foreign missionaries should strive to mentor and come alongside national workers to work themselves out of a “job.”  Of course time and service varies for each individual and situation. Only God knows what each case looks like.

Next month, ALC will be 25 years old.  A lot of missionaries have come and gone.  Along with some paid Bahamian/Haitian staff, It has received the ground work and support from foreign supported missionary staff for many years.  With the departure of 5 missionary staff (and arrival of only 1) and the hiring of a paid executive director and support staff, that seems to be changing.    We feel, as we leave, that we have done what we were called to do here, and we have tried to pass on what we know to the team (comprised of mostly Bahamian young people and a young man from the USA) that Kenneth Romer, ALC Executive Director, has put together.  We are excited to see so many Bahamian staff at ALC&C!   

What happens here on out continues to be in God’s hands.  We have loved and will continue to love the Bahamas, her people and the beloved ALC&C ministry.  God has a divine plan for ALC&C.  We leave with our heads held high knowing that we did what we could, and God’s will for this ministry will endure.

The Camp Management Hand-off

We are still unclear of Kenneth’s plans for the Camp, but what we do know is the Camp is going to be managed by Logan Mungillo (left) and Vonette Jean (right).  They are very bright young people, and they seemed to catch on to a lot of what we told them in the day we spent orientating them to Camp.  If the systems we implemented are continued, Vonette has a jump on learning Camp management as she spent time cooking for groups in the Camp kitchen for 3 weeks in July.  Logan arrived August 20th, but he was part of a mission team that we served here at Camp last summer.  We are anxious to hear about what new and exciting things will be coming to ALCamp under Logan and Vonette’s leadership and how God provides for the implementation of the new ideas.



We hosted Young Life Youth Camp again this year at ALCamp July 27-August 4.  What a fun week it was hearing and seeing Bahamian Youth using the Camp for what it was created for: youth camp ministry.  A group of 22 American Young Life members were part of the leadership/service of the Camp, and it felt like we were hosting not only the youth camp but also a mission team.  What a great week it was!  We also got to drive the group every afternoon in our buses to their outing destinations.  Their last day of outings was our last day of driving our buses:  bittersweet.  Ricky Pearce and Schell Stubbs are the local Young Life leaders in charge of the Camp, and they did a fantastic job.


Bahamas Youth Network (BYN) Leadership Retreat was held at ALCamp August 24-26.  It was the last group we hosted in our tenure as Camp Director.  It was also time for us to be present and a support to the “new” leadership as they hosted the group.  This group does a great work with Bahamian youth, both college/young adult groups and high school groups.  It is lead by Dan and Kelly Weightman, 20 year Bahamian missionary veterans.

Good-bye Tour


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It seems to happen anytime you relocate.  We also have seen it by others who have been on island for a while but then leave.  It is the tiring, yet necessary good-bye tour that takes place in the weeks and days leading up to a departure.  There are so many people to talk to, to see, to greet one last time.  

The Last week in the Bahamas Begins


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The hard part of moving, sorting/discarding/selling/giving-away/packing our earthly possessions, was completed Monday, and our last week in the Bahamas began Tuesday with us moving out of the Camp house and handing over our duties and keys to the new staff.    A missionary once told us that they regretted not taking some time to retreat and rest before leaving their field of ministry.  We have taken that advice and are now taking a few days to unwind, reflect, contemplate and pray in a place away from Nassau.  This gives us time to collect our emotions and seek wisdom before actually saying the final good-byes to those we served with.  For some of the young people we have mentored, this gives them a week to get used to us being gone while still getting another opportunity to see us before we depart.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time alone to reflect and have had time to pray and seek God.

Youth Night Will Continue

One of the questions we have been getting since we announced our departure is, “Will Friday night Youth Night continue?”  We met with the staff/leaders from Joy Bible Camp that have been helping us with the outreach for 4 years now, and have discussed the upcoming year and how important we all feel that this ministry continues.  We have received commitment from Kenneth that it will continue.  We are so excited to hear this news and look forward to progress reports from this team.  Please pray for this outreach.  This outreach is very valuable to a lot of young people.

Adventure Learning Centre


A couple of big events, tours and remodeling going on at the Centre.  Earlier this month the Centre hosted some big events sponsored by organizations on the island.  Another new activity implemented this year is the Centre is now open for walk-in tours.  For a $6 admission fee people can come and receive a tour of the ALC.  Aaron and other staff have been busy painting and decorating the Media Centre (see pictures above).  Other projects have included new signs around the Centre, staff bathroom complete make over, painting of the roundabout wall, remodel of the barn loft, and other projects.


What is Next

Tomorrow (September 1st) we travel back to Nassau, and we will be staying with our pastor and his family until we fly to South Carolina on Wednesday morning.  We will be attending our church one last time on Sunday, and we have a few more “good-byes” to make Monday and Tuesday.  We appreciate your prayers for us as we tie up the loose ends, travel, and start the process of re-entry into the USA.  

I Thessalonians 5:24 says, “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”  We are confident in God’s calling on our lives and trust Him to lead and guide us in this transition, move, and even to guide us into what He would have us do next.  We are excited to see what God has in store for us next.

Thank you again for your interest in our lives and ministry and for your prayer and financial support.  

May God bless you!
Tim and Mindy Seeley

The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets

“The sun rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises.”

Ecclesiastes 1:5 (ESV)

(For those of you who don’t like sappy, sentimental posts,  don’t worry.  This is not one of those posts.)

Another chapter in the book of our life is almost finished; a new one is about to be written.  One season of our lives is slowly coming to an end; a new one is about to begin.  The sun is setting on one day and will rise on the new day.  All metaphors that speak of life’s many changes.

Our ministry and life in the Bahamas is about to come to an end (we leave September 5th), and it is bittersweet for us.   We are sad to be leaving our beautiful host country yet excited to be going back to our passport country. We are saddened at the prospect of leaving our dear friends/church family/ministry family here in the Bahamas, yet excited about reuniting with family and friends and meeting/making new friendships in the place(s) God directs us to next.  We are sad about this being our last week getting to serve mission teams (only local groups left between now and the end of August when we leave), yet excited about the anticipation of seeing how God uses what we have learned here in the next “mission” he has for us.  

Please pray for us this last month as we finish purging/packing/cleaning, train/pass-on our knowledge, experience a lot of painful good-byes, process through what we have experienced, and logistically manage everything that goes along with an international move.  We know our frame and that we are dependent on God for the grace and strength to finish, endure, move-on.

Word about Support

To all that have supported us throughout the years financially, we want to express our deepest heartfelt gratitude.  You have partnered with us in this mission, and we thank you and pray God’s blessings on you for your generosity and sacrifice.  

Going forward…Moving expenses and living expenses for us will continue for several months after we return.  Due to “re-entry” issues/debriefing, pre-planned vacation/wedding/family reunion travel, and a need for rest/evaluation/reflection time, we will not be seeking gainful employment right away.   

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators (our mission organization that collects funds for us), will be receiving funds on our behalf until November 30, 2018.  This will provide for our basic needs until the end of the year.  These donations are tax deductible and can be submitted at this link:  SHEPHERD’S STAFF DONATION LINK.

Ministry Update

New Staff

Camp ministry is busy work.  We could not do it alone.  This month we were blessed with the culinary skills of Shontae and Vonette.  Francina (right) has been helping us with housekeeping and laundry.  We appreciate the hard work of these ladies and have enjoyed getting to know them.  They are part of the transition team that will be helping to run camp when we leave.


June 30-July6, 2018:  Grace Fellowship  from Alabama was one of the 3 groups led by John and Karen Stodghill (center) this summer.  We were not on the island when this team was here, but we heard great things about this group.  They served at CW Sawyer primary school with the Stodghill’s church as they conducted VBS programs.  The Stodghills are missionary friends of ours that live here in Nassau and are part of the new PCA church plant.

July 9-15, 2018: Coast Hills Church youth group from Aliso Viejo, California were here for their first mission trip.  They helped at the ALCentre’s Day Camp. 

Chet and Andrea Lowe were back on island with their church youth group (Coast Hills, see above) mission team.  Chet was executive director of ALC&C until mid 2014.  It was great seeing these two again.  They were a huge source of encouragement.

July 14-21, 2018:  Valley Presbyterian Church from Alabama are another group led by John and Karen Stodghill.  Like the previous group, they helped with their church’s VBS held at CW Sawyer primary school.

Good-bye to the Loge family! What a great summer with this family again.  They were a huge blessing and encouragement to us and the entire ministry.  We are blessed that they live only a couple miles from Tim’s parents in Shoreview, MN, so Lord willing we will be seeing them again.

July 14-22, 2018:  E-team (Lancaster, PA, Maryland and Virginia) 9 days with this group is never enough!  The E-team is unique in that we have a double connection with them.  They come and stay with us here at ALCamp, but they also serve with our church, Kingdom Life Church.  The team members are from 3 different Sovereign Grace Ministry churches, and they come to volunteer at our church’s annual Music Camp.  The music camp is a ministry outreach of our church and is offered free of charge to children in Nassau.

July 17-23, 2018 Denise Young (right) came back to Nassau for a second time this year to be an encouragement and help at Camp.  She is a dear friend of ours and we enjoyed having her here.

July 21-28, 2018:  River Oaks Church from Memphis, TN is another group led by John and Karen Stodghill.  They too helped with the VBS at CW Sawyer.

July 21-28, 2018:  First Congregational Church from Hamilton, Massachusetts under the leadership of Chelsea Kingston Ericson came for their 3rd year.  Chelsea has been bringing groups here for 10 years, and so she pre-dates us here at ALCamp.  We have had a great working relationship with her from our very first year and appreciate her heart for missions and her students.  We are sad that this is our last year with her.

Although FCCH and River Oaks are our last mission teams that we will be serving in the Bahamas, we still have 2 local groups left to serve.  The first group is a group of 100 that will be here July 28-August 5 for a  kids camp.  The second group is with us the last weekend we are at Camp in late August.   It is sad for us to be saying good-bye to the part of the ministry we love the most:  serving and investing in lives for the Kingdom of God.

The Family of God

 Those of us who have put our trust in Jesus (as divine redeemer of from our sinful depraved condition that we are born with) are related to one another.  That relation we have with one another transcends geography, race, cultures, and any man limitation out there and brings us together like no other relationship can.  It provides us with the ability to come together with one purpose as brothers and sisters.  

One of the most beautiful nights of this summer happened a week ago Tuesday.  Two mission teams were at Camp.  One wanted to go see a sunset on Jaws Beach.  They invited the other team which immediately liked the idea.  So we loaded the bus up (the 2 teams and all the ALC&C on site staff) and headed to catch a sunset on the beach.  As if the mere thought of all of us coming together from different parts of the country/world and enjoying an evening out was not awesome enough, we got to experience a beautiful sunset together, watch the young people in the group kick around a soccer ball in the sand, and worship together in song at water’s edge.  Wow!  Wish you could have been there.  Just a taste of what heaven is going to be like!  Thank you, God, for life’s blessed times together as a family!

Aaron Mills

Unfortunately for those of you who rely on our updates to receive an update on how Aaron is doing and what he has been working on, we do not have much knowledge of that right now.  It has been sad for us these last couple of months as we have not had a lot of contact with Aaron.  He has not been with us here at Camp due to restructuring that has pulled him to the Centre to work.  Between his absence from Camp and our busyness here at Camp, we don’t know much of what he has been doing. We do know he puts in a lot of hours over there.   He will have to update you on what he is doing.

Centre Day Camp

6 weeks of Day Camp at Adventure Learning Centre finished this week.  We were able to pop into the Centre briefly several times throughout the summer, and it appeared to us that the children were enjoying themselves.  We pray that lives were impacted for the Kingdom!

Centre Update

The staff bathroom and barn apartment are among the renovation projects that have been completed in the last several months.  Signs around the Centre is another project that has been invested in.

Family Update

We now have another member in our family.  Our third son Logan married Anna Heinrich on July 7, 2018 in Minnesota.  We are happy for them and pray God blesses their marriage.  They currently reside in Minneapolis, MN.  Congratulations Logan and Anna!

Now back to our busy summer schedule…Have a great rest of your summer.

God bless,

Tim and Mindy Seeley

Sooner Rather Than Later


Early this year we handed in our resignation (dated January 7, 2018) for the Camp Director position at Adventure Learning Camp.  In that resignation letter, we offered to stay on as Camp Director to help with the transitioning to a new Camp Director until January 2019  but sooner if a new Camp Director was found.  

As we have been praying through our transition, we are seeing more and more that it is much harder then we expected it to be. Our desire and fortitude is waning.  Unfortunately, serious family issues are weighing us down and playing into our decisions as well.   With that, we are sensing the Lord saying that the end needs to be sooner rather than later.   We are seeking an earlier transition than previously expected.  

Knowing the calendar and the seasons of both the Centre and the Camp, we feel with the new school year starting in early September and a new accompaniment of staff arriving at the beginning of the school year, an early September departure would be an appropriate time.  It is only 4 months early, and it will also let the new staff and leadership jump in and take the reigns of the Camp. With the new team, a new sense of synergism can begin afresh. 

Our departure date is Wednesday, September 5, 2018.  We will initially be landing in Summerville, South Carolina where Mindy’s sisters and their families live.  Our plan is to take a few months to rest, heal, regroup, pray and seek God to find out what he would have us do.  We will also be attending a Pastor’s conference in October and taking a pre-planned vacation (who would have known but God that the conference and vacation would fall at about the same time we would be leaving and needing time to refuel and rest).

 It is still unclear what direction God has for us.  We are confident that He is already working out all those details, and so we will continue to focus on this busy summer schedule and finishing strong here at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  Though this is a tough season for us right now (personal and ministry), we feel God’s grace meeting us in our time of need.


To all of you who have supported us:  We value you and all you have been for us over these last 5 1/2+ years here in the Bahamas and the 3 1/2 years before that at the camp ministry in Wisconsin.  Without your partnership with us, we would have not been able to complete the mission work God called us to do.

Though we leave the Bahamas on September 5, 2018, the financial need will continue for a few months. Gainful employment is not on the radar as yet, and there will also be travel and relocation expenses.  When we moved to The Bahamas, what we didn’t bring with us (vehicle and household items in particular), we gave away or sold.  What we brought with us, with a few exceptions,  we are selling or giving away here (costs too much to take back).  Add deterioration of things from this salty, humid climate (clothing and electronics in particular), and we will not have much when we return. Please know that we have a healthy, godly perspective on money and possessions.  Neither of us desire to accumulate a lot of “things”.  We see “things” as only tools to be used to do what God calls us to do on this earth, and excesses of these “things” are not what we desire.

Our mission organization, Sheherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators,  will be collecting tax deductible funds on our behalf until November 30, 2018.  Our last pay out from them will be December 7, 2018.  If you would like to contribute to our relocation expenses or donate to our monthly living expenses for now until November, you may do so via this link:  Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators.

We appreciate your generosity.

Ministry Update

Changes continue at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  Honestly, we are so focused on and busy serving our groups and planning for our upcoming groups, we are a little out of the loop with what is going on at the Centre and our executive director’s new plans for the Camp.  We apologize for that.  This update will have to focus on what we know.  Our co-laborer, Jen Rogers, has a great blog as well.  Her update is a great resource as is the ALC&C Facebook page.

End of School Year, Staff Development, Good-byes

Early this month we had staff development days where we were blessed and encouraged by a guest speaker (see below).  We also got together for a staff vision meeting with our executive director, Kenneth Romer.  During the meeting, we took the time to thank and say good-bye to 4 staff members that will be leaving ALC&C this summer.  Adam Greenhow served in maintenance November 2016 – June 16, 2018. Stephanie Wittmer served as a facilitator August 28, 2017 – June 16, 2018.  Debbie Degen served as facilitator for 8 months at the Centre (November 2016-July 2017) and then as an assistant for 9 months at Camp (October 2017-July 9, 2018).  Sam Robb has served at Adventure Learning Centre since the mid 2000’s and will be leaving to serve on the OM’s Logos Hope ship in early September. We wish them all well in their next adventure.

Living in Community

We have had a great group living at Camp this year.  We had one last “family” meal followed by the dreaded family photo earlier this month before things got busy and some started leaving.  There have also been opportunities for game nights and beach trips with the gang on our rare “down times”.  

Getting Ready for a Busy Summer

Let the craziness of summer begin!  A lot of time goes into planning for and preparing for mission teams to come.  There is facilities to clean and prepare, maintenance issues to tend to, staff meetings to have so we are all on the same page, menus to plan for, food and supplies to purchase, schedules to finalize and work through, bus driving assignments to figure out, etc.  Soooo much to do!  All for one purpose: serving everyone who comes to Adventure Learning Camp with excellence.

Final Youth Night

Our last night of youth night was June 8th.  We were able to have one final opportunity to meet with the small groups, celebrate our graduating 12th grader Gabby Hanna, and fellowship with pizza and Dairy Queen treats.


Joan Godsey and her friend Ruthann were on island June 2-7 to bless and encourage the ALC&C staff.  They lead a seminar on self care and met/prayed with individual staff members.  

A group of Navigators (a national college ministry organization) from he USA were on island and came to ALC&C to serve with various service projects.  They did a lot of jobs that staff do not have time to finish.  They also helped us at Camp get everything ready for our first group.

Micah Godsey (left) and her friend Caitlin Jones came on June 5.  Micah is no stranger to ALC&C as she was a facilitator 3 years ago and has been coming summers and spring breaks ever since.  She will be serving with us until July 17.  Caitlin was here for little over a week volunteering at the Centre.

Team Loge!  Nathaniel and Jesse Loge and their children (June 13-July 17), Bridgette and Zach Brown (June 20-July 3), Marcus and Christian (June 24-July 3), and Catherine (June 24-July 11)  have been on site helping at Camp and the Centre’s Day Camp.  We have appreciated their partnership with us.  The Loges were here last summer serving alongside us as well.

Grace Christian Missionary Alliance from Cleveland, OH was in the Bahamas on their mission trip June 9-16.  They worked with ALC&C, Calvary Bible Church, United Missionary Alliance Church, Bahamas Down Syndrome and  Bahamas Association of Physically Disabled.  They helped with painting, mixing cement for the new staff cottage foundation walls, building the playhouse at the Centre that was destroyed by the hurricane, cleaning, moving wood piles, and many more projects.  They got a lot of work accomplished and were a tremendous blessing. 

Dave and Gail Herwerden have been coming to volunteer at ALC&C for a couple of years now.  This year they came as part of their church’s mission team (Grace CMA) and then staid a week longer to help.  Dave worked on buses and Gail helped me at the Camp.

Calvary Chapel (Plantation, Florida) Six 7/8 youth group came June 16-23rd and served the ALC&C, United Missionary Alliance Church, and Children’s Emergency Hostel.  They were great helpers as they did various jobs at the Centre and helped at the Camp to lay rock that had been washed away by the 2016 hurricane.

Laurel Highlands FCA has been coming for years with Mission Discovery, but this year they came alone.  Their leader is Kayla Zambanini.  They came June 17-23 and served in the same Haitian community that they have served at for many, many years.

Work Projects 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have had some extra hands around the Camp and Centre this month doing projects.  We are so thankful for all the work that has been accomplished.

Summer Day Camp

Adventure Learning Centre has been running their annual Summer Day Camp since June 18th.  They have been ministering to 50-67 children each week.  Pray as the staff continue to serve during the hot, humid days and that the campers will see the love of Jesus in the staff and hear the clear Gospel message.  

Personal Note

Some of you know that we have been experiencing some trials.  God has been teaching us lately to lean more on him and rely on the promise that “all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28). This is not a flippant, prosperity-gospel, name it claim it sort of way, but rather a promise from God that He will take everything and make something good out of it.  And one very important lesson about the definition of “good” is that it is “good” as it is defined by God and not by us.  Please pray that we continue to experience God’s gracious peace.

Thank you for your support of us and the Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  We appreciate every prayer, encouraging thought and word, and dollar given.

Grace and Peace,

Tim and Mindy Seeley



It is not about us!

One of the biggest questions we have been getting since we reported that we will be leaving the Bahamas is “What’s next?”  We have an idea of where we are headed when we leave here (we will announce this at a later date), but when this will take place for sure remains unclear.  As we mentioned in our last update, we have given ALC&C until January 2019 to find our replacement but would be willing to leave sooner if given the opportunity.  

Many people who are seasoned business/ministry people have asked us why we have given such a long resignation period.  They say we are being very generous.  We are beginning to understand what they mean. Transitions are tough on many levels.  There is the pulling away of not only tasks and responsibilities but also of relationships and emotions. Changes (there are a lot of them at ALC&C right now) are exciting but can be tough to watch and anticipate.  Some are huge; some are small; some are necessary; some are confusing; some are things that have been done before with little success; some sound awesome and make us think “why didn’t I think of that” (these are the ones that are precisely why we feel it is time to move on and let someone else take the Camp to a new level); and to some we are indifferent.  

But, it is not about us and what we want!  It is about God.  We are here to serve others with excellence for the glory of God until God relocates us.

All that to say this, WE NEED PRAYER!  Over the next several months, we have to remain grounded enough to plan for and serve with excellence the 19 groups we currently have scheduled (the summer is as busy as ever and the fall is busier than it has ever been), sort/plan/pack/ship/sell/do whatever with all our things, help train our replacement if one is found, and sever many emotional ties to Bahamian people and the ministry we have grown attached to over the last 5+ years.

Ministry Updates

If you follow our updates, you will likely begin to notice a little bit of a change. Until January 7th of this year, besides Camp Director, Tim was Maintenance Director and part of the ALC&C leadership team.  While he was in those positions, we naturally reported in our updates about work across both ministries because we were heavily involved.  Whereas we remain active members of the ALC&C team, we have pulled back to focus on the needs of Camp and transitioning away from the ministry.  This transition will likely affect what we report.  We invite you to check out ALC’s Facebook page for more information on what is going on at the Centre.

Welcome back Kevin!  We are excited to announce that Kevin will be back among us this summer.  He will be cooking and doing other jobs for the ministry.  We are so excited to have him back.  

God continues to bring people into our lives to mentor and encourage.  It is these relationships that are going to be the hardest to let go of when we leave.  Please pray that God continues to bless us with these (and other) ministry opportunities.


The young ladies from Calvary Deliverance Church have been coming for their retreat at Adventure Learning Camp for many years. We served them at Camp May 19-21. It is always a joy to hear the laughter of the girls as they enjoy the Camp experience.

Amanda Barr (left) volunteered for ALC for a couple weeks in late April and early May.  Dave and Sue Bryant (right) missionary friends from Andros were with us for a few days in early May to visit.

Youth Night

We continue to be encouraged by the turn out of young people for our weekly Youth Night.  A typical night includes a time of worship in song, reviewing Bible verses, lesson introduction, group discussion time, snack time and down time on the basketball court or hanging out.  The most recent lesson the young people discussed was “Your Identity in Christ Gives You a Sense of Belonging”.  Besides the young people and our staff that help us out each week, we so enjoy time with Moya and Janet Strachan, Lizzie Brown, and Stanley Rolle who serve alongside us.


The biggest project we have been working on lately is the foundation for the new staff cottages.  We began this project in January when we received word that the CCA 8th grade mission trip for next January will be 20-30 people larger than past years.  We need space to accommodate this group.  Unfortunately the project will stop when Tim completes the foundation walls due to lack of funding.  With the bricks he laid for the foundation, Tim can now add “mason” to his list of many talents.  He has done a great job with this project and has enjoyed the challenge of working on it.

A big project that has been on our to do list for more than 2 years is an updated Camp manual that reflects what we actually do at Camp.  Unfortunately, with everything else we have had to do these last couple of years, we have not had the time to get it done.  With our soon departure and word from our new ED that he plans on changing the structure of the ministry, we have decided that a new manual is not a wise investment of time and energy.  Nonetheless, we spent a good part of a week this month putting together and organizing documents we use when planning/preparing/serving groups. We have sent this file of documents to Kenneth in hopes it will help in training a new Camp Director.

The Centre 

The Centre has been hosting end of the year class parties and having a few days here and there of regular programming.  They also got to take animals into the schools one day last week.

Summer Day Camp is just around the corner.  This year’s Day Camp is a Hawaiian theme, “Aloha!”  They even get to learn about volcanoes.

What is ahead?

Our busy summer schedule begins this Saturday.  From June 2-August 13 we have on-site volunteers/groups/guests here.   We are busy now getting ready for the visitors and are looking forward to doing what we love to do most:  serve people.  As busy as the summer time is, our work of impacting lives (directly through service to the mission team members and indirectly through the Bahamians/Haitians being served by the mission teams) energizes us.  If only there was a way to keep our aging bodies from giving out before our heart and desire do.  Please pray for us.  The summers can be brutal because of the non-stop, back-to-back, long days and sometimes multiple groups at one time.  

This summer we have groups/guests/volunteers from Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, 2 from Alabama, California, 2 from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Indiana.  Please pray for the groups and the volunteers as they come and serve on the island.

On a Personal Note

These are the times when it is tough to be so far away.  We received word that our sweet granddaughter broke her leg.  The nurse and grammy in me wanted so bad to be there to love on her and support her parents.  For now we have to love and encourage from afar.

In a month, we will be heading back to the States for a quick trip to attend our 3rd son’s wedding.  Logan and Anna are getting married on July 7th.  Although the timing is not ideal for us, it is their day, and God has provided the logistics to make it possible for us to attend.  We look forward to going and encouraging them as they become husband and wife.

Thank you for your continued support of us and the work we are doing here at ALC&C.  We appreciate every prayer, word of encouragement, penny given.  May God richly bless you!

Tim and Mindy Seeley



It is Time: All Things Must Come to an End!

We Feel It Is Time

We are in our 6th year at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  It has been quite a ride, and we feel incredibly blessed that we were allowed over these past years to be a part of the ministry that was going on here at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Although we are blessed and love what we do (serve people), we feel it is time to pass the baton of leadership of Adventure Learning Camp to someone else!  We have advised the ALC&C board of our resignation and are working with them on an exit plan.

The Back Story to Our Decision

First, here is the leadership structure of Adventure Learning Centre and Camp:


(Current: Lee and Stacie Burtelson, Cranston Knowles, Kenneth Romer, Sharon Stuart)

Executive Director

(Current:  Kenneth Romer)

Centre Director      Camp Director

        (Current: Vacant)        (Current:  Tim Seeley)

Volunteer Missionary/paid Bahamian staff

Second, here is a recent history of the leadership of the ALC&C:  In the spring of 2014, Chet Lowe stepped down from his position as Executive Director of ALC&C.  In the summer of 2015, Mark Wallace stepped down as Director of the Centre side of the ministry.   Until Kenneth became Executive Director in February 2018, ALC&C as a whole and the Centre side of the ministry have been under the leadership of a “team” (consisting of various people through out the time period with Mark Wallace and Tim Seeley being on the “team” the entire time).  While on the leadership team, Tim maintained directorship of the Camp and was in charge of maintenance on both sides of the ministry.

In late 2016, it was this absence of a “single” Executive Director and Centre director  and the added responsibility of already doing/sharing the work load of these 2 positions that prompted Tim to express to the board his willingness to provide the much needed single person leadership as either ED or Centre Director. Leadership teams have challenges and are not always functional and ideal. 

During the summer of 2017, desire to continue, let alone taking on added responsibility that would come with becoming ED or Centre Director (I would have remained at Camp to run Camp), was waning.  Tim began having second thoughts about the ED/Centre Director positions and even considered pulling his hat out of the ring of consideration.   Throughout the fall of 2017 while we waited for the board to move on the decision of providing leadership at the Centre, we continued in prayer for God’s guidance.   Because God did not give us clear direction at that point, we decided he would keep his hat in the ring and let things play out.  On December 23, the day before we left for Christmas, the board communicated to Tim that he should remain focused on Camp because it was thriving/growing and to take on added responsibility would be too much for him and for us.

Although we remained discouraged with the leadership vacuum at the Centre, we were encouraged that we finally had an answer as it relates to us.  With the board’s decision made, we decided to continue on with plans to spend one week at Christmas with family and one week off alone somewhere seeking God’s face and praying about what He would have us do.  While away alone and praying,  we evaluated the ministry, our relationship with it, where it was heading, what we were allowed to accomplish over the years, and how much more we thought we could do to benefit the work. We also realized that we had overseen a lot of changes/improvements at Adventure Learning Camp, and it was probably time to pass the baton to another leader to bring the ministry to the next level.

When we returned to the island on January 7th after much discussion and prayer, our decision was made.  We drafted a letter to the board expressing our desire to step down and facilitate a change of leadership of Adventure Learning Camp.  We also reached out to the Board to communicate our decision with them.  Because of busy schedules and multiple failed attempts to connect with Cranston (as a personal friend and board member we wanted to tell him in person before presenting the letter to the board at large), the letter was not immediately disseminated to the board.  By the time we had set up a meeting with Cranston to tell him our decision, the board announced the appointment of Kenneth Romer as ED of ALC&C.

We were very excited about the move towards single leadership of the ministry (even though it was not the full time on the ground leadership the Centre so desperately needs), and we realized that the resignation was not to go to the board but to our new ED.  Because of busy schedules,  we were forced to wait a couple of weeks before an opportunity arose to meet with Kenneth to hand him the resignation letter.  The opportunity did finally come.  In late February, Kenneth accepted the letter of resignation, but he asked us to wait to announce our decision to others until after the board meeting scheduled for March 31st.

What’s The Next Step?

We continue to work on projects that we want to accomplish before we go.   We have the kitchen system and the housekeeping system standardized and running.  The office isn’t totally standardized, but we feel it is at a good place to leave it.   Tim wants to get the 5 cabins repaired (water has gotten into the blocks and caused deterioration), get the foundation laid on the 2 new staff cottages, and get at least one of the staff cottages up with walls/ceiling/windows/doors. It is important that we get at least 1 cottage up to accommodate Calvary Christian Academy in January.  We also hope to assist the ministry in replacing us.  What of these projects will get done remains to be seen, but we feel they are good goals.  We have given the board a January 2019 departure date with the provision that if they find someone sooner, we will leave sooner.

Where Are We Headed from Here?

We are not sure yet.  When God lets us know, we will let you know. This decision does not come easily for us.  We do not like moving, nor do we like breaking ties to relationships.  We know God is in control and will guide us in His timing to our next adventure.

PLEASE PRAY FOR US and feel free to contact us at any time!


Like a Lion

Using the phrase, “In/out like a lamb/lion”, to describe the month of March as it relates to the weather was a popular phrase I heard as I was growing up in Illinois.  March was said to have come in or out like a lamb if the weather was balmy, non-snowy and nice but in/out like a lion if it were cold and snowy.  Here in The Bahamas, the weather is not an issue, but the “busyness” here at Adventure Learning Camp can be described in terms of “In/out like a lamb/lion”.

March is very busy and rarely comes in or goes out in any way other than a lion.  March is Spring break time, and that means, like summer, we have a lot of visitors/guests.  In the first 2 weeks of March alone we saw 5 mission teams, 5 individuals/families/couples, 2 sets of guests from the cruise ship (third one had to cancel), and several visitors coming to see the Camp for future booking possibilities.  For 2 weeks straight we burned the candle at both ends (530am-10pm) every day serving guests (with a smile), cooking/preparing 3 meals a day, transporting, cleaning, juggling schedules, working through ministry contacts, etc.  Although we had a week of no guests in the middle of March, we could not stop because we have a very busy summer mission team schedule that we have started planning for.

How do we do it you ask?  Well, very carefully and under strength not of our own making.  I Thessalonians 5:24 (ESV) says, “He who calls you is faithful: he will surely do it.”  In other words, He has called us here to labor for this season in camp ministry, and He has equipped us to do the work.   After these seemingly brutal periods of work, I look back amazed at how we even survived, but every time we do.  All praise goes to God for that.

Although March came in like a lion and will be going out like a lion in terms of busyness, we find great joy in the fact that God keeps sending us people to serve and minister to.  We take pleasure and find great joy in partnering with God in the work He is doing here at the Camp side of the Adventure Learning Centre and Camp ministry.

Ministry Update

Camp Groups and Visitors

Let March madness begin!  From planning group’s schedules and logistics to airport pick-ups to cooking meals to group orientations, it is all part of what we do to welcome and serve groups.  These groups experience missions, hear and see the Gospel lived out in the ALC staff, and support the ministry so the Centre can continue its mission to bring the Gospel to all the children of the Bahamas.

James Madison University sent another team to serve at Uriah McPhee Primary School March 2-9.  They have been coming to Nassau for 15 years and serving in the schools athletic department.

Keith and Greg (far left) from Tomoka Christian Church in Florida came for a site visit.  They anticipate staying with us at the Camp and working with Bob and Donna Mastin in the fall.

March 3-10 St. Francis University from Loretto, PA brought a team to serve at the Bahamas Association of Physically Disabled, Children’s Emergency Hostel, Stapledon Primary School, and ALC&C.

Nathaniel Loge and his daughter Bailey connected with us last winter through Tim’s sister in Minnesota.  They came a year ago March to volunteer for a week and then came back with their whole family last summer to volunteer at the Centre’s Day Camp program for a month in June/July.  They came back and served alongside us again this year on March 6-19th.  They are planning to return again in June as a family to serve alongside us here at Camp and the Centre Day Camp.

Denise Young has become a dear friend of mine.  She found the ALC on line and messaged us back in the fall of 2013 about coming to visit the ministry while in port on a cruise, and when we agreed to pick her up at the port, we developed a friendship that has lasted til this day.  She comes for a week every year to help us cook for groups.

Kayla Zambanini has been coming to Nassau with her mission team lead by Mission Discovery for 15 years.  This year she decided to go it alone.  Her team will be coming in June, but she came for sevearl days in early March to plan and prepare for the team.

Mark and JerriAnn Hewitt came through Nassau on a cruise on March 8th.  I went to high school with JerriAnn and her sister. We were able to pick them up at the cruise port and bring them to the Camp and Centre for a tour.

Derrick Parsons brought a mission team 2 years ago to the Bahamas and worked with Bilney Lane orphanage.  He stopped by to see us while on the island to conduct a nieces wedding.  He wanted to book a week next March to bring a second mission team to Nassau.

Rob and Nancy Weise (far left) and their friends Tim and Brenda (far right) were in Nassau while on a cruise on March 10th.   Rob and Nancy grew up in the same church circle as Tim.  They are also one of our supporters.  We were not able to spend much time with them while they were in port because we had 2 groups leaving and 3 groups arriving that day, but we did get to give them a brief tour of both facilities and get them transported back down town.  It was great to see them.

Christus Rex Lutheran Ministry Center from the campus of the University of North Dakota was with us March 10-17th.  This group was led by Bahamian born former UND student and now USA resident, Keno Walkes.  Mr. Walkes brought this team to the Bahamas to volunteer a couple of places and tour his homeland.

A team of young ladies from The King’s Academy from Florence, South Carolina was here March 10-17th.  These young ladies served at Bahamas Association of  Physically Disabled, Children’s Emergency Hostel, The Nazareth Centre, Deaf School, and ALCentre.

A team of high school students from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church from Bloomington Indiana was here on their first mission trip to Nassau on March 10-17th. They ministered at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, Bahamas Association of Physically Disabled, ALCentre/Adventure Club, our Friday night Youth Night, and Bahamas Downs Syndrome.  We thoroughly enjoyed serving this team and appreciated some of the hard work they did in the work projects at the Centre and Camp.

David and Sue Bryant came to New Providence to help us out, to rest, and to be a source of encouragement.  They are finishing up their ministry work on Andros, a Bahamas family island.

Adam’s parents Richard and Judy Greenhow and sister Jill came to visit March 15-20th.

Bahamas 4 Jesus leadership team came to see the Camp.  There is a good possibility that  they will be bringing up to 100 young people to stay at Camp for a couple weeks in November.


Carl Fama and his brother Ross arrived on the 27th.  Carl is coming on invitation of the ALC&C board and will be meeting with them at their board meeting on March 31st.  Carl led a team here from his church in Windsor, Ontario.  Carl and his wife are the ones who hosted us and headed up the very successful ALC fundraiser we attended at their church in October. These gentlemen are here to assist on work projects, and Carl is introducing his brother Ross to the ministry.

Mitchell Road Christian Academy in Greenville, SC sent their 8th graders to the island for their first mission trip with us.  They arrived on Wednesday of this week and are a contact from fellow missionaries, John and Karen Stodgehill.  They will be serving at C.W. Sawyer School, The Children’s Emergency Hostel and ALC’s Easter Monday Funday.


Planning for future groups.  (Pictured are two FaceTme calls we made with upcoming group leaders. Planning for future groups begins months in advance.)   Please be in prayer for us for this summer.  I mentioned that we have a very busy summer schedule.  To date, we have bookings June 9-August 26 with only a couple weeks worth of days not booked (and even those days still have the potential to being booked).  In the middle of summer (July 7th to be exact), our son Logan is getting married, so we will be in Minnesota for the wedding.  We are looking forward to seeing how God is going to work all this out in terms of support staff as well as stamina to endure the work and the heat that makes the work even more difficult.

Tim is working on the footings of the 2 new staff cottages.  After chipping away at the trenches and laying most of the steel, he had Nathaniel Loge and Richard Greenhow help him by tying up the last of the steel rods.  The inspector came and ok’d the steel, and the site is now ready for the concrete to be poured for the footings.  We hope to do that next week. These cottages are important because we have a large group that will be even larger next year, and they need another cabin.  Please pray that God provides the funds to complete this project.


Aaron continues to be a very valuable member of the ALC&C team.   He has been working on several projects around Camp.

Leading Mission Team Work Projects

One of the things we do when we have teams on site is lead them in work projects (nearly every team does some type of work project).  Tim and Aaron at the Camp and Adam at the Centre do a great job in mobilizing skilled and unskilled work teams in various work projects around both sites.   Part of the responsibility of a project manager is prepare before the teams begin the projects, monitor the teams as they work and clean up after them when they leave.  It is a tough job.

Youth Night

Youth Night has become such an encouraging ministry to us.  The fellow staff (Stanley, Moya and Janet, Kenny, Celine and Adam) are such a blessing to us.  We love their enthusiasm and desire to be involved and pour into these young people.  The young people continue to come and learn and show a desire to be here.  Please pray for us as we continue to impact these young people’s lives and that God would continue to strengthen us that serve.

Connecting With Our New ED

We mentioned in our last update that the ALC&C now has a new Executive Director.  Kenneth Romer is settling into his position and using the few days he has with us each week to connect and learn the ministry.  We have had a couple of opportunities to host him at Camp and to share ministry updates with him.  He even had our last staff meeting here at Camp.  Please pray for Kenneth as he continues this very demanding job.

Good-bye, Bob and Faye!  March also means telling these 2 awesome people good-bye.  Bob and Faye come and snow bird with us in the Bahamas.  Bob spends much of his time working on our vehicles with Adam, and Faye works with me at the Camp and Ms. Ada at the Centre.  Besides all the hard work they do, they are a big source of encouragement. 

Encouraging and Being Encouraged

Ministry can be draining, but we have seen evidences of God’s love and care for us in the people he sends to us to bless us and encourage us as well us the opportunities to bless others.  Times of fellowship and great theological conversations with friends (thank you Cranston and Susanna), hugs from “moms” (thank you Ms. Ada and Faye), times getting to pour into young people’s lives through discipleship are all what parts of what makes this work so rewarding.

Easter Monday Funday

The day after Easter is ALC&C’s annual Easter Monday Funday.  It is one of the two annual fundraisers/Gospel outreaches we have at ALC.  Please pray that the Gospel is clearly proclaimed, that patrons come and feel the love of Jesus through interactions with staff and seeing what we do at ALC, that final preparations are made (there seems to still be a lot that needs to be done), and that staff are strengthened and encouraged (it is a long busy day, and this year 3 of us that work primarily at Camp are busy serving a mission team before/during/after and will not be able to be as much support as usual).

Centre Program

Although our days are consumed with responsibilities at the Camp, we still meet every morning for devotions at the Centre and get peeks into what goes on over there all day every day.  We love seeing the precious children that God brings for the ALC staff to love on and share the Gospel with.  The facilitators are gifted hard workers, and we are encouraged as we see them love on these children.  Please pray for all the staff of ALC&C.  We do what we do (the Camp in its financial support of the ministry, the Centre in its hands on work) for one reason, and that reason is to reach every Bahamian household with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the children that come to us.  Our prayer is that God is glorified in all we do here at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp!

What’s Next

After the group leaves on the 4th, April is a slower month for us, but we will be using the slower group schedule to start the planning and preparing for the heavy summer group schedule.  Please pray for us as we plan, continue to train Debbie, and continue our mission of ministering to the Bahamian people and those here to serve the Bahamian people!

Thank you for your time and interest in what we do!

Tim and Mindy Seeley




Exciting Things and Exciting Times!

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)


Ministry Update


After almost 4 years without an Executive Director at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp (Chet Lowe resigned as ED in the spring 2014), we are excited to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director!  Bahamian Board member Kenneth Romer joins fellow Bahamian staff and the foreign missionary staff as ALC&C’s new Executive Director.  Over the next several months, he will provide the much needed leadership of the ministry while a more permanent Director is obtained.  His position is part time, but he is bringing a lot of expertise and energy to the ministry. He has some exciting ideas, and we are looking forward to seeing how God will use him to further the work being done here at Adventure Learning Centre and Camp.  Please pray for Kenneth as he learns both sides of the ministry, adjusts to his new position, and leads all of us.  

Please continue to pray for other key positions that need to be filled as well:  Centre Director (vacant for almost 3 years now), Program Director (Jen has expressed a desire to vacate this position at the end of this school term), Maintenance Director, Camp Cook.

Camp Projects

Mark stepped down from being the Centre Director over 2 1/2 years ago.  When he did so, Tim became part of the ALC&C leadership team that answered to the board and gave oversight to the entire ministry. He also took on oversight of the maintenance department for both sides of the ministry. With the new ED in place, Tim is back to focusing solely on the Camp.  

There are 2 big projects he is focusing on now.  The first is the construction of 2 new cottages and the structural repairs to the 5 guest cabins.  Another project that we are working on is kitchen improvements and restocking supplies.

While Tim works on managing the big projects and providing over all directorship of the Camp side of the ALC&C ministry, I continue to assist him with the on the ground operations.  This includes training our new camp assistant Debbie, overseeing guest services and hospitality (housekeeping, cooking, kitchen management, etc), planning/working with mission teams and groups, etc.  We are so thankful to Debbie and Faye for all the hard work they put in to help us manage this place.  They have servant hearts and work really hard.  We  appreciate the dedication.

Aaron continues to work his magic in the maintenance department. Besides consulting with the maintenance staff at the Centre, at Camp he has been working on the media/sound system in the dining hall, repairing/painting doors and chairs, and figuring out an electrical issue that is causing electricity to shut off in the office. He plods away at various projects.  We appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Camp Groups/Visitors

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Mom and Dad (affectionately known by fellow staff as Grandma and Grandpa Seeley) were here January 26-February 10th.  We had a great time with them, and they were a blessing to us all.  They joined us on the staff inservice day, helped with projects around the house and Camp, helped with youth night, and provided meals and encouragement to us all.Jen’s sisters came for a long weekend visit in early February.  Their visit was a blessing to her, and we enjoyed getting to see them.

Some of you may or may not know that I am a twin.  Years ago Missy and I planned to do a “50th Birthday” cruise when we turned 50.  In 2016, our granddaughter was born the week of mine and Missy’s 50th birthday, so the cruise had to be postponed.  This month, my twin sister and I finally got to go on our cruise together.  It was a blast (like cruising with myself).  One of the ports of call was Nassau.  While we were on the cruise, we do what we do best:  socialize and meet new people.  That connecting with people allowed us the awesome opportunity to bring 2 couples with us to the ALC&C to see the ministry.  Carl & Victoria (center) and Kari & David (left) enjoyed the opportunity to see the ministry and a side of the island not seen by many cruisers.  Staff also got to meet my twin sister who had not been to the island to visit in almost 4 years.

BYN (Bahamas Youth Network) G2 was at Camp February 23-24 for their retreat.  We were able to serve these young people meals (most local groups cook for themselves), so we got to witness some of their activities.  Their leaders, fellow missionaries Dan Weightman and Bob & Donna Mastin, were a blessing to watch as they worked with and engaged the young people.

Evangelistic Temple Rebirth Ministries was here February 24-25 for their annual retreat.  The young ladies renewed their vows/made their vows to God and enjoyed time together in the beautiful ALCamp setting.  We were able to serve these young ladies meals as well (most local groups cook for themselves), so we got to witness some of their activities.  It was a blessing to us to get to see them in action and to serve them.

Youth Night

This year for Youth Night we have been learning about “Authentic Faith”.  The young people continue to come and enjoy the time together.  We are able to meet even with over night groups at Camp.  We are so thankful for the 2 facilities.  When there is an event at Camp, we move the Youth Night to the Centre.  We are also thankful for the former Joy Bible Camp people who labor with us in this ministry to the youth of the South Beach area.

Prayer Requests

Funds and man power to build the new cottages (we need at least one cottage done by next January for Calvary Christian Academy because their groups will be larger next year)

Funds to get the necessary repairs done to the crumbling cabins

Wisdom and discernment as we prioritize projects and in general

God will order our steps

Thanks for your support and interest in what we are doing here in the Bahamas to help build the Kingdom of God.

May God be glorified!







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