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It is not about us!

One of the biggest questions we have been getting since we reported that we will be leaving the Bahamas is “What’s next?”  We have an idea of where we are headed when we leave here (we will announce this at a later date), but when this will take place for sure remains unclear.  As we mentioned in our last update, we have given ALC&C until January 2019 to find our replacement but would be willing to leave sooner if given the opportunity.  

Many people who are seasoned business/ministry people have asked us why we have given such a long resignation period.  They say we are being very generous.  We are beginning to understand what they mean. Transitions are tough on many levels.  There is the pulling away of not only tasks and responsibilities but also of relationships and emotions. Changes (there are a lot of them at ALC&C right now) are exciting but can be tough to watch and anticipate.  Some are huge; some are small; some are necessary; some are confusing; some are things that have been done before with little success; some sound awesome and make us think “why didn’t I think of that” (these are the ones that are precisely why we feel it is time to move on and let someone else take the Camp to a new level); and to some we are indifferent.  

But, it is not about us and what we want!  It is about God.  We are here to serve others with excellence for the glory of God until God relocates us.

All that to say this, WE NEED PRAYER!  Over the next several months, we have to remain grounded enough to plan for and serve with excellence the 19 groups we currently have scheduled (the summer is as busy as ever and the fall is busier than it has ever been), sort/plan/pack/ship/sell/do whatever with all our things, help train our replacement if one is found, and sever many emotional ties to Bahamian people and the ministry we have grown attached to over the last 5+ years.

Ministry Updates

If you follow our updates, you will likely begin to notice a little bit of a change. Until January 7th of this year, besides Camp Director, Tim was Maintenance Director and part of the ALC&C leadership team.  While he was in those positions, we naturally reported in our updates about work across both ministries because we were heavily involved.  Whereas we remain active members of the ALC&C team, we have pulled back to focus on the needs of Camp and transitioning away from the ministry.  This transition will likely affect what we report.  We invite you to check out ALC’s Facebook page for more information on what is going on at the Centre.

Welcome back Kevin!  We are excited to announce that Kevin will be back among us this summer.  He will be cooking and doing other jobs for the ministry.  We are so excited to have him back.  

God continues to bring people into our lives to mentor and encourage.  It is these relationships that are going to be the hardest to let go of when we leave.  Please pray that God continues to bless us with these (and other) ministry opportunities.


The young ladies from Calvary Deliverance Church have been coming for their retreat at Adventure Learning Camp for many years. We served them at Camp May 19-21. It is always a joy to hear the laughter of the girls as they enjoy the Camp experience.

Amanda Barr (left) volunteered for ALC for a couple weeks in late April and early May.  Dave and Sue Bryant (right) missionary friends from Andros were with us for a few days in early May to visit.

Youth Night

We continue to be encouraged by the turn out of young people for our weekly Youth Night.  A typical night includes a time of worship in song, reviewing Bible verses, lesson introduction, group discussion time, snack time and down time on the basketball court or hanging out.  The most recent lesson the young people discussed was “Your Identity in Christ Gives You a Sense of Belonging”.  Besides the young people and our staff that help us out each week, we so enjoy time with Moya and Janet Strachan, Lizzie Brown, and Stanley Rolle who serve alongside us.


The biggest project we have been working on lately is the foundation for the new staff cottages.  We began this project in January when we received word that the CCA 8th grade mission trip for next January will be 20-30 people larger than past years.  We need space to accommodate this group.  Unfortunately the project will stop when Tim completes the foundation walls due to lack of funding.  With the bricks he laid for the foundation, Tim can now add “mason” to his list of many talents.  He has done a great job with this project and has enjoyed the challenge of working on it.

A big project that has been on our to do list for more than 2 years is an updated Camp manual that reflects what we actually do at Camp.  Unfortunately, with everything else we have had to do these last couple of years, we have not had the time to get it done.  With our soon departure and word from our new ED that he plans on changing the structure of the ministry, we have decided that a new manual is not a wise investment of time and energy.  Nonetheless, we spent a good part of a week this month putting together and organizing documents we use when planning/preparing/serving groups. We have sent this file of documents to Kenneth in hopes it will help in training a new Camp Director.

The Centre 

The Centre has been hosting end of the year class parties and having a few days here and there of regular programming.  They also got to take animals into the schools one day last week.

Summer Day Camp is just around the corner.  This year’s Day Camp is a Hawaiian theme, “Aloha!”  They even get to learn about volcanoes.

What is ahead?

Our busy summer schedule begins this Saturday.  From June 2-August 13 we have on-site volunteers/groups/guests here.   We are busy now getting ready for the visitors and are looking forward to doing what we love to do most:  serve people.  As busy as the summer time is, our work of impacting lives (directly through service to the mission team members and indirectly through the Bahamians/Haitians being served by the mission teams) energizes us.  If only there was a way to keep our aging bodies from giving out before our heart and desire do.  Please pray for us.  The summers can be brutal because of the non-stop, back-to-back, long days and sometimes multiple groups at one time.  

This summer we have groups/guests/volunteers from Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, 2 from Alabama, California, 2 from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Indiana.  Please pray for the groups and the volunteers as they come and serve on the island.

On a Personal Note

These are the times when it is tough to be so far away.  We received word that our sweet granddaughter broke her leg.  The nurse and grammy in me wanted so bad to be there to love on her and support her parents.  For now we have to love and encourage from afar.

In a month, we will be heading back to the States for a quick trip to attend our 3rd son’s wedding.  Logan and Anna are getting married on July 7th.  Although the timing is not ideal for us, it is their day, and God has provided the logistics to make it possible for us to attend.  We look forward to going and encouraging them as they become husband and wife.

Thank you for your continued support of us and the work we are doing here at ALC&C.  We appreciate every prayer, word of encouragement, penny given.  May God richly bless you!

Tim and Mindy Seeley



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