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Mission Accomplished, Mission Accomplishing

Mission Accomplished

Even ahead of our two-week hiatus (more on that in a moment), we have already had a lot of quiet road trip time with which to think and contemplate.  As we have spent time thinking over our time in the Bahamas, God has revealed some things to us.  We have seen that our mission has never been to build a ministry, but rather, our mission has been to impact lives.

Whether it was the hundreds of people that came to us through the gates of Adventure Learning Camp (on mission trips, local retreats, Friday night youth night, local visitors, tourist visits, or foreign missionary staff) or the people that we interacted with while helping at the Centre or the people we met in the community or at Kingdom Life Church, God brought people into our lives to minister to and impact for Him and His Kingdom.

With the blessing of getting to impact lives for the Kingdom, God has also blessed us with the enrichment that comes from meeting and knowing so many great people from the Bahamas and from around the world.  We have forever been changed, and we praise God for the lessons learned.

As we continue to contemplate our past opportunities to serve God and what God has in store for us in the future, we look forward to unpacking more insights into what our mission was all about and what is to come.  As the Lord reveals and allows, we look forward to sharing this with you in future blogs, so stay tuned.  God is indeed at work, and it is exciting!

Mission Accomplishing

These 4 special Bahamian young people (Celine Barr, Elton Deetjen, Kentario Mackenzie and Kevin Poitier) are like our kids to us.  This “family” picture is even a part of our family photo gallery in our sitting room, and we use it as a constant reminder to pray for them as we do for our own children.  We have a vested interest in their lives and will continue to pour and speak into their lives as the Lord allows.  Geography may separate us, but we continue to use technology to remain connected with them. 

A Season of Travel begins (Part I)

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October began with a trip to Orlando, Florida to attend Sovereign Grace Ministries annual pastor’s conference.  The time was refreshing for us as we reconnected with friends and enjoyed great worship music, preaching, and fellowship.  We even got to spend a very special meal with our Bahamas’ pastor and our pastor at our new church.

Last fall we planned ahead to this year’s vacation.  Following the Pastor’s conference (We could have not planned this better if we had tried.  God worked this all out perfectly.), we drove 3 hours south from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where our friends (Marty and Kristina Fanning) babysat our car and took us to the airport to fly to Quebec City for our vacation.  Following our vacation, Mike and Kori Ellis picked us up at the port in Fort Lauderdale, and we got to attend church with them and eat lunch with them before heading back to South Carolina.

A Season of Travel (Part II)

Following our vacation, we prepared for part 2 of our busy fall traveling schedule with plans to connect with supporters, past mission teams/ministry staff, and family/friends.  Our first stop was in Corbin, KY to see Tim’s cousin and drop off the table we used while in the Bahamas. We then drove north to Windsor, Ontario.   While in Windsor, Ontario, we attended the wedding of Adam Greenhow and Stephanie Wittmer on October 27th.  The wedding was beautiful, and we enjoyed celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Greenhow.  Following the wedding weekend and visiting with supporters at Grace and Truth Chapel of Windsor on Sunday evening, we headed to London, Ontario to visit with Bob and Faye Browning and past mission team members from West London Missionary Alliance Church. 

What is ahead

We will be continuing our travels to Toronto to visit a supporter and then on to a ministry center for a time of concentrated and focused (ie- totally disconnected from media, outside connections, etc.) communion with God as we debrief what we have done these past nearly 10 years and seek Him for guidance and direction for the next stage of our lives.   Before heading back home to Charleston, South Carolina on December 8th, we will be traveling to Minnesota and Indiana to see both sets of parents and our children and then to Tennessee to attend a wedding.  Please continue to pray for us as we travel, and that God would meet with us as we set time apart to pray and seek Him.

Contacting us

We have been asked for our contact information.  Here it is:


Cellphone:  Tim (843) 714-7838,  Mindy (843) 209-6657

Snail Mail:   408 W. 7th North St.,   Summerville, SC   29483

Please note that on November 2nd we will be going “dark” (limited internet, no social media, no phone/text/email conversations) for 2 weeks.  We will be spending these 2 weeks praying, studying, reflecting, and seeking God’s guidance.   Of course we understand that God can use kind, inspirational words and scripture from others to bless and encourage us.  Because that is true and because we use email to receive daily updates during our devotional times, we will likely be checking emails (NOT for the purpose of correspondence of course).  So, please feel free to email us if God lays something on your heart (we just won’t respond).

If you need to get a hold of us for any reason, please contact Mindy’s sister Melissa at 843-499-1125. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our lives and ministry work.  Your prayers for us, the money you have donated to us, and the time you spent reading about us and what God is doing through us may not be totally understood and seen by any other human being, but God knows and sees what you have done.  It is a great source of encouragement to us, and we are grateful to you.  We pray for God’s blessings on you as you have so richly blessed us.

Tim and Mindy


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