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Ten months later…Some Questions Answered

We have always known that God is gracious and giving.  He hears our prayers and gives us exactly what we need at the precise moment when we need it.  What He gives us is good, HIS definition of good [emphasis added]!  As we reflect back over the last 10 months since leaving the Bahamas and the ministry at ALC&C, we are able to see once again God’s providential care of us and how He has orchestrated our lives to be exactly what we need, when we need it.  Of course there have been times when we have felt like “God, have you forgotten we are here waiting?” or “Is this transition time ever going to end?” God is faithful, and though we can’t see the movement in the moment, a glimpse in the rearview mirror shows us that God has indeed been working. Furthermore, He has been providing for us and blessing us.


In our time back and discussions with various people, we have gotten a lot of questions.  We are going to try to answer a few of them here now.

What have you been doing lately?

We both completed degrees.  Tim received a BS degree in Ministry Leadership from Moody Bible Institute in December.  In addition to the degree in Ministry Leadership, Tim finished a Life Coaching course last year, and became a certified Life Coach in October.  I completed the RN to BSN program and received a BS degree in Nursing from Liberty University in May.  With the education pursuits completed, Tim has been building the foundation of his Life Coaching career, and I have been working on getting employment here in the Charleston, SC area.  There are a couple of leads on RN positions, one is a work from home position with my sister’s company in utilization review and the other is at a juvenile detention center a few miles away from where we live.  Both positions are per diem which would provide flexibility.

God has providentially provided housing for us with my sister and her husband.  We contribute to them with housekeeping, buying groceries, cooking etc.  When they decided to relocate to a house out in the country in June, we were able to assist them with the huge job of moving.  We have spent most of June and July helping them pack their former home in Summerville, SC and moving to their new home in Ridgeville, SC.  The move was a long, hard job, but we helped them accomplish it and are now settled into the new house.  We are not sure when we will be moving into our own place, but for now, the living arrangement is working out great for all parties involved.

God has blessed us with a great church in Summerville, SC.  The transition to Risen Hope has been easy in that it is a sister church to Kingdom Life Church in the Bahamas.  We have plugged into ministry and connecting with other members for spiritual growth, encouragement and accountability.  The elders, lead by Pastor Mike Seever, have been a huge source of blessing and encouragement and have shepherded us well.  Attending services and events are a highlight to our weeks and helps fill the void we feel from no longer living in the ministry bubble/way of life.  Discipleship opportunities will be coming up in the next couple of months, and we both are excited about it.  We thank God for Risen Hope.

Do you miss the ALC&C/Bahamas?  What do you miss most?

We miss the people of the Bahamas, the people we served, and getting to serve and minister to mission teams and local groups and youth.  We have a lot of fond memories of people, experiences, and most of all the many ways in which we saw God working and moving in the lives of staff, guests, and youth we worked with.  Our arms ache to embrace our church family, the young adults we mentored, staff we worked with, and friends and mission team members we have built a relationship with over the years.  As has always been our remedy for homesickness and missing loved ones, we keep our focus on eternity and the work and ministry at hand.

Have you been able to rest?

Yes.  Although we have been busy with the move, helping care for my sister’s house, finishing up school, building the ground work for job/ministry (Tim) and job hunting (me), and even spending time in Minnesota helping our kids with home remodeling projects, we have had time to rest.  Recently during a moment of frustration when we felt like God had forgotten about us (some times it has felt like we are in total limbo; there is no movement; nothing is happening), God seemed to speak to us and bring to mind a prayer we often prayed when were in the thick of ministry in the Bahamas.  In the last 2 years in the Bahamas when we were experiencing extreme fatigue from long hours/days of ministry, we would cry out to God for rest.  Recollection of these prayers has made us stop and realize that it is as if God is saying, “Didn’t you ask for rest? Well, here it is.  Enjoy it.  Trust me.”  God is gracious.  His timing is perfect.

How is the ALC doing?

We remain in contact with a few staff associated with ALC, other Bahamas missionaries, past mission team leaders, and with some Bahamian friends.  Along with daily prayer, these connections give us opportunities to remain connected with the Bahamian people and the ministry that still occupies a large place in our hearts.  As we view pictures and reports of ministry work being done in the Bahamas from the mission teams we have had relationship with over the years, our hearts are encouraged by the work God is still doing in the people.  God continues to work.  Please continue to pray for the ministry, for Vonette and Logan who continue to work very hard at the Camp serving teams with only a skeletal crew, for leadership for the ALC, and for the Gospel to continue to be proclaimed and God to be glorified in all that is said and done in the work at the ALC&C.

We want to thank you once again for your interest in our lives and for your continued support of us through your thoughts and prayers.  Our daily “work” may look different now than what it did when we were in the Bahamas, but one thing has not changed.  We continue to seek to honor our Creator and bring Him glory in all we do and say.   Please pray for us and write to us when you get a moment.

God bless you!
Tim and Mindy Seeley


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